Massive buffeting with new windshield

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by nhk750, Jan 6, 2010.

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    Finally got my new HD quick detach compact 18" windshield. I am 6'3" tall and ride the 08' XL1200C Sportster.

    The buffeting starts at around 60mph and gets so bad that I cant see. It feels like someone is grabbing my head and shaking it or like the paint shakers at Home Depot...

    I have tried crouching down below the windshield and it does help if I get really low, but that is uncomfortable and I practically have to lay down on the tank. I have tried the arm over the chest thing and that doesn't help at all. I have tried just about everything and nothing seems to help.

    The one thing that does eliminate the shake is if I stand up a bit on the bike and get my head well above the windshield into clean air. I think I am going to have around 4-5" cut off the windshield and it should be good.

    Does anyone have any ideas? I probably should have bought the 14" windshield in the first place but thought it would be nice to have the extra protection on trips...

    Also if anyone lives in the Seattle area, do you know of a good person who can cut the windshield and do a good job. I am not capable of doing this without destruction.


    Oh, one more thing, I dont mind my helmet being up in the wind. I mainly wanted the windshield to reduce the fatigue on long rides and the pain in my right shoulder from years of abuse. Most of the time the windshield will not be on the bike. So, if just my chest is coved that should help on long rides.
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    I have the smaller HD lightly smoked QR Windscreen, #58602-04, but my height is 5' 6" and sight horizon is 3" above the top when sitting up (4" smaller than yours) no problem. One of the big things that affects the "buffeting" is the mounting angle...several posters have made their own small eyelet metal brackets that lay the windscreen back towards the rider 10-15 degrees or so. Others have used wind deflectors (lowers for forks are made by Memphis Shades), or center deflector betwen the fork tubes just below the steering tube by HD, though other aftermarket products are available. Use the Search Tab near the top of this web page and type in key words to find threads.
  3. Jim B.

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    Good luck finding a solution. Since your arm across the chest didn't make any difference, the turbulence you are feeling probably isn't coming from under the bike. That means that you will probably have to try windshields of various heights and configurations until you find one that works. Nearly all of my friends have gone that route and have a number of old windshields in their garages.
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    I installed the QR on my FXSTC when I bought it, and I also had a lot of buffeting at highway speeds. After searching & reading some posts on this site I made a couple of short brackets to move the lower windshield out (which moved the upper area back about 2"). This simple change of angle reduced the buffeting 75 percent easily. I still have minor buffeting when riding above 70mph but I can manage nicely now. You may also want to try moving the windshield up or down on the forks to see if the height change helps as well. Here in West Texas the windshield eliminates 90 percent of the bugs so I keep mine on for most rides. Check out some posts on the forum, you will become inventive... Good luck and as always, ride safe.
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    I had the same problem and believe it or not when I took the visor off my helmet the buffeting almost completely stopped. I don't use it any longer.
  6. harley@16

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    I had some wind problems on my flht and noticed if I kept my knees next to the tank it stopped. It seemed that the biggest contributor was from air currents filling the bottom of the windshield. Maybe the fork wind deflectors would help.
  7. r44s

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    My gal cut her windshield on her '07 sportster about 3" without any problem. Tape both sides of the windshield with the blue masking tape and use a jig saw to cut and fine file to finish. Hers turned out great.
  8. 129South

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    My wife had the same bike with the same windshield and the same problem you are having. Her problem went away by trading it for a 2009 Heritage Softail. LOL
  9. wsw483

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    You might want to see if they make the lower wind deflectors for you bike. If you need to havethe windshield cut down most any reputable glass place can do it. I had mine cut down and it was as simple as using a jig saw with a fine cut blade and a belt sander to smooth it up. Be sure to tape up the side of the windshield that the saw will rest on while cutting so as not to get it scratched up. If you really want to make it look good take a butane torch and burnish the edge after you finish. Just run the torch over the edge to make it have the dark edge like it does from the factory.
  10. RibEye

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    You might try a re-curved windshield. it has a little forward flip at its very top that just might move the turbulence to a more suitable location for you. In any case, your windshield should be sized so that its upper edge is at the same level as the bridge of your nose. That should put the turbulence as somewhere just above your head.

    Rich P