Marketing co and Harley part ways

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    I'm not sure how this will affect the business side of things but I figured everyone here should know about it

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    Well this may be interesting to see what happens. Sometimes change is good, other times not. Thanks for the info.


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    I agree with Steve07...31 years and Marketing company could not make a significant change in the demographic seems to not indicate stagnation, but lack of marketing group to effect change. Marketing is supposed to be about research, understanding trends and demographics and move the company in the direction it wants to move. It obviously was not working...big question is how much were they paying this marketing firm over the 31 years to essentially remain the same...
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    It'll be interesting to see if HD sees itself at a crossroads of sorts. It could move more towards it's core of old-time "biker" customers and present more images in that vein, or it could go the total opposite and start showing HD riders dressed like the rice burner crowd.

    Personally, I'd like to see them worry less about the "bider image" and more about the quality and service perceptions. I say perception, because they do produce a quality product. They are just too unwilling to correct mistakes and cover design flaws unless pushed really hard. This, more than the actual quality issue, seems to be their worst consumer complaint. And for many, it's not a perception, it's reality. Most don't seem to complain about the actual repairs made; they complain about the crummy service they got.Maybe a new ad approach will address this issue in a positive way.

    Or, maybe they'll just say "we've always done it this way!"
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    I am sure with sales of new bikes as slow as they are HD is looking about to come up with new ideas to increse sales.
    Until the things pick up across the board with jobs/employment growth I think they will continue to be slow. As much as we love them new HD's aren't a "must have" item...
    All the toys,bikes,boats,jet skis,RV's,ATV's, and airplanes are still in a slump. Just look at whats for sale on Ebay.
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    This seems like the normal stuff associated with long term deals.

    Harley is not happy because they think the Ad company should have done a better job.

    The Ad company is not happy because the Harley Board has boxed them in and limited how the Ads need to look too much, and they will not update the bikes with bullet points that can be hyped. Things like modern tech in oil coolers, brighter paint jobs, less leather, more plastic, etc.

    So both sides are not happy and Harley planned to dump them for another agency anyway. To save face because of the long history they allow the Ad company to put out a notice saying that it was a decision they made in good faith. This is pretty much exactly like your boss catching someone drinking on the job and letting them quit instead of firing them because he likes the guy.
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    I you guys have said it all.
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    I am retired from G.M. and I see Harley Going down the same road GM went Building the same old (EDIT) just with different lipstick and make-up .They wont fix existing problems until a lawsuite comes . The Ultra still has the same old Vibrating POS engine its always had.Instead of first class engineering on the engine and fuel system ,just make it bigger and put on a bigger gas tank Yea That ell fix it. The Motor Company Better wake - up dont go down the road GM did .

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    If its broke fix it, The MOCO needs to change or they will loose more ground JMO
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    Why is it they(any one) don't promote MADE IN THE USA anymore?