Manual Alarm Disarming Procedure

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    Does anyone know how to bi-pass the key fob alarm? I have a 06 dyna street bob and activated the system and now i can't de-activate it, i'm the 3rd owner and don't know the pin. I tried what the blogs said and it doesn't work. Dealer says i have to replace the security system. I have a push button fob key. Any advice?

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    Hi guys, i called the previous owner and he told me where the bike was purchased, the dealer told me what the pin was and i'm back up and running. thanks.
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    To remove the alarm, you have to switch the TSSM for a TSM (turn signal module) and do a password remarry listed here on the forum.

    It looks like you solved the problem.
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    Wow. You know what the chances of that happening in my world are? Somebody is watching out for you. :)
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    Now that your are back up and running, change the PIN to something only you know and make sure it is written down in your wallet for next time.