Man, what a day !!!

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    Couple of friends and my wife and I took a 50 mile ride to the nearest HD dealership that was having their open house. Free Pig roast, chips and drink. The day started out in the high 40's making for a cool ride. The poor guy on the Sportster with no windshield was not happy. As we were sitting down to eat you could see him shivering. We stayed there looking at the 200 or so bikes and admiring the new models, even made a few purchases. All was good. 50 miles for my wife's first ride of the season, she can handle that without issue. But then we hear some guys saying that there is another open house in Pennsylvania and that's only another 100 miles away. Yep, lets go. The temperature is rising and the day is beautiful. NO RAIN in sight. ( it's been raining in Upstate New York for most of the month ) Well, the trip to Honesdale,PA through the mountains was great. Their dealership is beautiful and the food was fantastic. All at no charge. Even saw a 1957 Harley 3 wheeler. We met up with some guys from the Patriot Guard I always feel proud around those types of people. We came back home for a total of 229 miles with smiles on our faces....well, maybe most of us. The wife said she was ready at 150 miles to call it a day. She's getting better. Just a great day with some great people. Does it get any better ? I truly think not.
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    Sounds like a great ride - glad you northerners can finally get out to ride!:s
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    Thanks for sharing your experience robermv32. Glad you had a great day!!!
    Tis the season for open house at the dealers. Wanted to stop at one near home today but my riding buddy just wanted to ride. Some of the best rides are the ones that are not planned. You just ride and stop whenever. I rode 200 miles today and it was great. Rode on roads I was never on before and doubt if I could find them again. Glad that the weather is finally cooperating...
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    Well, Had to a long day that ended just right. Got called out to during the early a.m. to work an injury accident. DUI driver vs concrete Bridge wall. Of course you know how that worked out. The bridge won. Then back on duty @ 05:30 hours to work our downtown street fair. Finally got home @ 17:00 hours. Me any my wife got on the scoot, took about a 20 mile ride to a great BBQ place. Had some beef brisket, potato salad, slaw and some good cornbread ho-cakes. Then just hit the cruise, turned up the radio and rode down the road back home. Just a few bugs to clean off of the fairing and ready to go again. Nothing to say but had a great ride. Man life is good on a Glide. Happy trails....
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    I agree, "man, what a day!!!" We had gorgeous weather for our 267 mile run. We went the country roads to the Choctaw casinos and had the wonderful buffet for lunch. Then headed on over to Meridian to Chunky River HD. I had a gift card I wanted to use there. Let me tell you, those folks at that dealership are sooooo great. They have a very nice store, great inventory, and great service. They really put their customers first and are a great Harley family. In fact, they were doing a benefit for an officer who lost his home due to a fallen tree/powerline fire that burned his home, including cars and bike...... It was a great day for sure. Glad our northern friends are able to get out and ride some too. It brings sanity back.
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    I had a great Saturday too...sweated in the back yard laying brick around my storage shed, sprayed fungicide on the yard and pulled weeds...:s

    At least it ended well - went to my daughter's dance recital & she rocked it. Last one for her because next year's high school cheerleading & dance team so it was exciting & sad. Had great Italian dinner afterward & then watched Dana Carvey on SNL.

    Hope to sneak out & get a few miles on the bike today...we'll see if the "honey do" list allows...
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    Glad you had a great day - just some thoughts about your wife's comfort. Do you still have the stock FLHX seat? Have you upgraded her pegs to floorboards? Does she have a backrest? Was she just getting bored or actually physically uncomfortable in some area?
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    What a great day indeed but not even a minute on the scoot. My daughter had a softball tournament all day. As I was watching and hearing that sweet sound of bikes cruising by and thinking I could be out there I wouldn't change a thing. They are this age for only a short time. So today it looks I will be able to get an hour or two in after church before the rains return. :D
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    I took the Dyna for a quick trip to visit the "MOVING WALL" that graced our town this weekend. I have visited the wall many times, in many places, and been priviledged to be among those that escort it into and out of towns. It is the most emotionally impacting monument I have ever been to. I said hello again to a few of my departed classmates, buddies and nodding acquaintances who's names are on the wall. Leaving the Memorial, I started wandering on the lightly traveled back roads in my area, reveling in the beauty of spring and my good fortune in life. 115 miles and several hours later, I turned into my drive.
    My thanks to everyone who has ever, or will ever serve in our Military.
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    The weather in massachusetts was perfect yesterday as well! Glad folks are getting some better temps to ride in around the country!

    I met up with some guys that are riding to rolling thunder for MEM day for a pre trip get together and we rode up to keene NH for a swap meet....7 bikes in the group and a 150 mile round trip. The best part is my 9 year old son rode with me and it was his first group ride......when we pulled out and he heard all the cracking exhausts from the other bikes he said "cooooooooool"!!! Starting him off young!