Maine to Ohio and Back

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    I just finished a 30 day leave (I work overseas). June was a busy time for us; a new bike, two new riders, a bike accident, and a road trip to Ohio and back. My wife and I traveled ~ 2,000 miles in 5 riding days. We took all back roads from Maine to Ohio and traveled mostly highways from Ohio back to Maine. We had a great time and my wife, MJ is an excellent riding companion. No breakdowns, no incidents (though the bankers doing the infamous road race passed us in New York!), and best of all we had a great time together and saw some beautiful countryside. We took a two and a half days to get there, spent a week at my parents and took two and a half days to get back; no definate plans other than we decided we needed to travel a minimum of 300 miles a day and had a pre-selected route. Stopped when we wanted, started the day off when we wanted, and ended the day when we wanted! We did experience a day or so of bad weather on each leg but it didn't dampen our spirits too much :). Lesson learned: don't not mount your GPS because it doesn't look cool! On some of those NY backroads the GPS is sure handy ;>.

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    Bait I am glad to hear that all went well for you and the wife. It is a great feeling when there is no pressure. Enjoy many more journey's together.
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    My wife keeps talking about getting her license but I'm not holding my breath!

    Glad you had such a neat trip. That picture says it all - you both look so happy!
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    Great Picture, looks like you had memorable time.
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    Sounds like a nice ride, thinking of going to visit my sister in Missouri; would you share your back road route?
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    Way to go Bait! I learned my lesson trying to over plan my ride from Houston to Key West, going by the seat of your pants is the only way to travel by bike, it definately relieves the pressure, and lets you just ride!

    Nice pic!
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    Recently completed the same trip but in reverse. Starting in Tennessee and getting as far as New Hampshire. All secondary roads. Would highly recommend to all those in southwest Penn., to visit the UA 93 Memorial near Somerset, PA. Very moving and worth every minute.