Main Drive Gear Bearing Removal

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by pjones, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. pjones

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    Is it possible to replace the main drive gear bearing without having to remove the transmission? Is it pressed in or will it come out after the snap ring is removed?
    Which nuts are left hand thread?
    Any thoughts on going to a larger pulley rather than going with a six speed tranny?
    Thanks guys for your help.
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  2. Knotwillig

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    What do you want to achieve with it? If you put a bigger pulley in the front it the engine will make less rotations at average speed but it will speed up slower.

    Anyhow you can just remove the pulley after the primary case is remoced. It sits outside the tranmission.
  3. pjones

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    I am trying to size up the magnitude of this bearing replacement before I decide to do it myself or farm it out. If the transmission stays in place than I will do the bearing replacement.
    As far as replacing the pulley, its worn out....but I am trying to lower my rev's at highway speeds.
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    I'm pretty sure it can be done with the gearbox still in the frame but as its about the first part to be fitted into the gearbox everything else has to come out before you can remove the main drive and bearing
    i looked into this at one time cost of special tools required = 1/2 the price of a replacement gearbox from a Harley dealer 2nd hand or refurb gearbox may well be cheaper than the cost of the tools to correctly do the job

    If i were you id start by buying a service manual for your bike and research the job and what needs done and what tools you need to do the job

  5. Dan89FLSTC

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    The transmission can be completely torn down and reassembled in the frame.

    In order to remove the main drive gear bearing (the big ball bearing), you must first remove the gearset and the main drive gear.

    The special tools you will need will cost about $425.00 from Georges Garage, although many people fabricate their own special tools.

    In addition to a service manual, you will need the following:

    Primary Locking Bar or Wedge
    Mainshaft Pulley Nut Wrench
    Mainshaft Bearing Puller/Installer
    Main Drive Gear & Bearing Remover/Installer
    Main Drive Gear Bearing & Seal Installer
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    i have a 97 dyna that runs lower rpms at 70 because of a different rear sprocket and belt i have international 65 tooth pulley 70mph used to be around 3000-3100 now it is around 2600-2700
  7. pjones

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    Thanks guys...I am proceeding with fabricating the tools I need to do the job. I have since purchased a shop manual and think I can work through it.
    One thing I noticed when I took off the exhaust pipe, the front exhaust valve stem looks white...the back valve stem is black...I think this means trouble...
    Does anyone have any comments on this?
  8. glider

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    Rear cylinders do run richer than the front cylinders. As long as it is fuel deposits (rich) and not oily deposits from oil, wait till you get a compression test on the motor to be sure.