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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by jdgreen454, Apr 26, 2009.

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    Im looking at ordering a set of 10" rear shocks from Licks Cycles. I've had a few people tell me if I put the 10's on the rear I should lower the front to (they said it might not look good). Just wondering if anybody on here has dropped the rear this much without touching the front. If so some pics would be good
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    Dropping just the rear could alter the handling of the bike and will definitely alter the ride and road clearance. While it may look cool, it's not the best thing to do with a bike. In a car for the shows, it's another story but on bikes being there and doing that, I'll never do it again.
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    Hey guys, this gets me thinking. We took Mz Bling's XL1200Custom and switched the original 12" shocks to progressive 11" inch. We also took the 21"front wheel and put on a 19". Also the LePera seat lowered her 2 inches and pushed her 3" forward.

    Was wondering if the harley Profile Low Front Suspension Kit #45480-05 (lowers front end 1") would be worth the money (Part and Labor) on top of what we've already done? She's thrown the bike around for 15,000+ miles, but always open for improvement if necessary.

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    Craig, lowering front suspension should "level" the geometry of the bike and restore the bikes "normal" handling if you only lowered the rear, but the real question is...what are you trying to "improve"? Is the Mz okay with the height...if not, the 1" would probably help, BUT when she goes on or off highway ramps in deep turns, is she dragging hard parts?...it may not be a good idea...at least not yet! :)

    I know when I lowered my bike, I had to shave the rubber bumper for the jiffy stand 1/8" which gave me another 3/4" tucked in at the "business end" of the stand dragging on the left, and also had to change the mounting hardware of my exhaust pipes on the right to stop "grinding" the fastener hardware. Check when she gets on the bike, the suspension only sacks down 1 to 1 1/2" so there is some rebound dampening (control when the suspension unloads), if too much sack, crank up the preload one notch and try again, you will use a nylon zip ty wrapped on the front fork to check the sack on the front slider, again, if it is more than 1 1/2" you may want to change the fluid and level FIRST, (change the phillips head drain screws w/ allens) and if it still not to her likeing, THEN go with the new springs. :p

    Also, did you install an EZ Clutch actuator or equivalent, replacing the ball/ramp assy to make clutch effort 30% less, all the levers and controls "reach" or fit easier? Generally major suspension changes are done last due to the expense, effort and to avoid the "side effects" that are created during the lowering process. Oh yeah, I read in another thread that she had a slight wobble at speed, check the front tire pressures and wear pattern and keep in mind of the suspension changes that there may be an improvement in the high speed stability as well, add a fork brace last...after you have things sorted to avoid "masking" any symptoms. JMHO :14:
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    Like the others said, lower the front AND rear and you'll be okay. 1" is okay, 2" is so-so, 3" and you'll bottom out.