lowering a ultra glide classic???

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by dcofer, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. dcofer

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    I have a 94 UGC and am considering lowering it a couple inches was just wondering if anyone has done this and wondering how they handle and ride. Just seems they would feel more stable even while you were sitting still too especially if you have a passenger with you. I do plan on doing it the right way with shocks and springs and not the bolt on things. Anybody use Bitchin Baggers out of Arizona they redo the rear shocks to any length you want to drop. Seem cheap enough too about half price new shocks. I believe it would make the bike look really good also.
  2. sprinklerfitter669

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    I would think the ride would be harder, on long trips, like the streetglide
  3. dbmg

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    If you are thinking inches lower you will be unable to ride bike. Front has about 4.5 inches and rear has 3 inches of travel. At best lowering the frt and rear 1" will help but compromise the ability of the Ultra both in ride and handling. Look at lower seat whether aftermarket or rebuild O.E. seat or boots with thicker soles and heels.
  4. Breeze3at

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    You will have a harsher ride, and more scraping in turns. It will look nice to you, but few others will notice. You can get used shorter shocks and springs on ebay for a good price. Like every other mod, some love their lowered bike, some hate it.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Somethimes the key here "adjustability" and matching it to the "application"...are you going to be primarily "2-Up riding", you then what to be able to stiffen the preload and raise the ride height of the bike ladened (so get the total weight of you, passenger and cargo and go to suspension house like Progressive for the best PLAN...)! You do not want to go too low, as a ladened bike will drop 2" or so...!

    If solo, you still want to provide this information, but your needs will be somewhat modest regarding the amount of lowering (SLAMMING may be okay for a bar hopper/local street only thing), but remember, hitting speed bumps in a parking lot is no joy and can "high center" the bike...don't ask me how I know!
  6. Jack Klarich

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    I lowered the rear of my 97 FLHT, it did not handle as well and ruined the rear shocks
  7. foxtail

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    I lowered my 07 Ultra. I used harley front end springs 1 inch and progressive shocks 1 1/2 inches then I had my stock seat custom cut and re-padded with high quality foam. I have not noticed any handling problems and the ride is fine. We ride two up all the time so to each his own. I thought about using Bitchin Baggers and may do so in the future. They did tell me to not lower the back end by more than 1 1/2 inches as you will have handling problems. just my humble two cents worth.
  8. Merlynn

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    I lowered my 09 UC using the HD kits front and back. I do a lot of two up riding and have not noticed any problems.
  9. dcofer

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    Thanks everyone for all the input on this, I myself could not really see how lowering the bike would really effect the handling of it any if anything make it handle better because it would sit closer to the ground and bring the center of gravity lower. I do know you would have to be carefull on bumps and low places where you turn in and such but think you would have to really get aggressive to drag in curves. wouldn't think of doing it any other way but with shocks and springs. I'm about 6 foot and weigh around 250 but just like to sit a bit lower when I stop. Was also wondering if the air ride front end makes a difference when you lower them. Will probally make this my winter project since I need to service the front end anyway. Happy riding everyone and may God bless each and everyone of you good folk.
  10. Slapp

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    I lowered mine with a Burley Slam kit, had the dealer do the install before I even recieved bike. I also put a reach seat on with the back rest. Over all the slam kit lowered the front 1" and the rear 1 1/2 inches with the reach seat on it I sit a total of almost 4 inches lower than a stock EG. As far as handling goes it all works well together. I don't scrap as many will claim will happen and trust me I ride. My bike is just a year old and I have eleven thousand miles already and love it. HD also makes a super reach seat that will lower you even more if needed.