Lowering a springer front end

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by elkhunter149, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. elkhunter149

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    Does anybody know how I would lower the springer front end on a Harley crossbones. I guess it would be the same as any newer HD springer.
    Also I have been looking for a old style exhaust 2 into 1 fishtail in black. Like the green crossbones that was posted several months ago. Any comments will be welcomed.
  2. Flashback

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    because of the shock on newer springers i don't think there is a way to lower by cuttig down the springs. you could cut the neck and change the rake a degree or two or custom fab a longer lower rocker in an "S" shape with upper part or the "S" toward the front so it raises the axle up an inch or 2. Either one will change your trail. Personally I'd leave it alone.

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    I know this might not be what your looking for, but there is a company out there and the name escapes me that makes a set of fork cups that are machined at an angle, its not much but it does give the front end a little more of a forward and "lowered" stance. I ordered them for my bike and will install them this winter after i get the cheap harley chrome off the bike and the springer powder coated.

    Hope this helps!
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    I was able to lower my stock HD springer by changing to a set of custom made lower rockers. This lowered the front by 1.5 inch's.Look around to see who is making these rockers available,as i bought mine so long ago out of florida ,i don't remember from who.