Low temp riding and oil issues.

Discussion in 'Oil' started by 01Deuce4Me, Dec 2, 2011.

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    I am sure it has been asked here, I just haven't found it yet. I ride my bike during the winter, and wonder if there is an issue with oil. My bike sits outside as I don't have a garage. The temps here in SC are not too bad, but there have been a few mornings in the high 20s so far..sure to get worse before it gets better..Is there anything special I should be doing to make sure the oil is doing its job? I generally just start it as I am putting on my gloves, etc. and let it run for a few minutes before riding. I always start my ride off at low RPMs and don't really "get into it" when it's cold. Is there something I should be doing to make sure I am protecting the engine as much as possible? Other than a more frequent oil change in winter.??
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    Only problem watch out for moisture in the oil. This happens when the oil has not warmed up enough to burn off the moisture from the internal combustion engine. Older model bikes could develop ice in the oil this could shear a key or gear in the oil pump. I think the twin cam motor oil pumps are better designed, but changing oil more often if doing shorter rides would be a big plus. If you have an owners manual follow the maintenance schedule for severe service

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    My 2000 FXDS book calls out for 10W40 on anything at 40* and Personally I would use a 5W50 (redline) IF it stayed Below the 40* mark...

    I CAN'T imagine riding in the cold Like that (20*) :majesty

    I've been putting on my Az. warm-up jacket at 69* and seldom will I ride IF below that... I'm just a Spoiled :cry baby

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    Here's something I use before those real cold morning starts... It has to be used with softail models with the accessible oil tank. It raises oil temp to above 50 degrees in just a little while (25 mins)

    Heat magnet.jpg