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    Just wondering if anyone else has an issue with the "low fuel" light coming on when there is more than 2 gallons left in the tank? I have a 2009 Sportster Low. If I fill when the light comes on, I put in about 2.5 gallons in a 4.5 gallon tank.
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    Mine comes on when I have a little less than 2 gallons left. I think it is a common problem. I just know about how many miles I can get in a tank and not worry about the light although it can be annoying at times.
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  4. Doc Blue

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    You are right, it is an annoyance. After the light comes on, I can easily do another 75 mIles, and still put in less than 4 gallons. I average 47 mpg, so I use my tripometer to know when I need gas. Just wish the light were more accurate. Thanks all.
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    I gave up depending on the low fuel warning light. It's too inaccurate if you ask me. I do what others have said, I use the odometer. Every time I fill up I reset the trip odometer to zero. Then when I get to a certain amount of miles I know that I am pretty low on gas and refuel.
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    on my 99 flhtci it was about dead on-the light came on and it took 4 gallons in a 5 gallon tank.On my 05 flhtcui it came when it came on it took about 4.5 gallons.So when I had my custom paint done I was changing the fuel filter in the tank so I tried something I did my math estimate and bent the float arm about 7/16" and got lucky it comes on with about 1 gallon left now.

    I forgot to say NEVER trust the light,I always reset my trip odometer my mileage has been pretty consistant when I'm around 150 miles that annoying light will be appearing if it hasn't already.
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    You can carefully alter the shape of the float arm in the tank to make it operated differently as far as the fuel light. It will take a few tries if you do it but it may be worth doing. Replace all sealing washers and gaskets if you do it.
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    Me too.
    I always use the trip odometer on either bike.
    '02 Sportster so no fuel light.
    '07 Ultra has a fuel light but it doesn't matter as I just get gas at certain mileage points.
    I'll need it anyway.

    I don't believe relying on a light. What would happen if the light burned out? Waiting for the light could fool you.

    100 miles on the Sporty and I'm looking for gas. 120 miles and I can figure the reserve is ready to kick in.

    My light comes on about 150 on the Ultra so I'm looking before then. About 120 mile marker.

    It's just a good time to get off the bike, get something to drink and relax.

    I have added that 1 gal. carrier ($30) that fits in the saddle bags. It's a form fit thing. Handy. I'll use it when traveling in locations with less gas. You know... out west.
    I also carry a siphon hose. Small and fits easily in the bags.
    Better in the bags than on a shelf at home.
  9. Mongo1958

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    Mine comes on with a little over a gallon (09 ultra)
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    My 98 RK comes on with 2 gal. left in the tank. I would much rather have the reserve position on a petcock, but its F.I. so I am out of luck. What is annoying about the light is how bright it is... if it happens to come on after dark or early in the morning going to work, it is blinding.