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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Jetfever, Sep 10, 2010.

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    Hi guys, I searched self help, but I did not find how to check a "bad" low fuel light:

    I have a problem with the amber "low fuel" light.

    2006 Fatboy, the gauge is operating normal. Verified by milage and fuel added at the pump.

    The amber light (on the speedometer) will illuminate after riding only 75 miles or so, and stay "on" until I refuel.

    (I think the light should stay out until there is 1 or 1.5 gallons left).

    What other test is there for checking the operation of the light?

    Does the sending unit control the light? I have a wire diagram, but it does not tell me.

    I found the gauge check in the self help section, no info on this amber light.

    This is the second post, I hope this is the correct place to ask.

    Thanks, Steve
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    I don`t trust the fuel light on my bike, I ran it lower then i`v ever run it. They say the tank holds 5.1 gal. and i can never get it full,full. when i fulled it up it took 4.74gal. and the light never did come on.
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    Hopefully you noticed that Glider answered you in your other post.
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    Thanks, Dr.! I will try and find it. (My other post/question)...

    This forum is fantastic, I bought a Dobeck TFI after lurking here, and I am thrilled with the increase in performance. It really "Woke my bike up"!!!! Crisp throttle response! I have been meaning to add my 2 cents, just not sure where.



    Cyborg, I would not trust my "Low fuel light" but always verify fuel level using the Trip Odometer, as a primary, and the fuel gauge as a secondary.

    Due to my job as a Pilot, I am annoyed by an "Amber Light" on my instrument panel that is FALSE, (illuminated for most of my ride) and I will need to correct this problem.

    Thanks though, interesting to know there are other types of malfunctions with this light.

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