Lord what a Bike!

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    A dead biker gets to the pearly gates. He's met by St. Peter and is geting squared away with wings, a harp, tickets for beer and pizza and some strange clothing. St Peter says "that's your beginners kit, just ask if you want anything els. After all, this is paradise!".
    Just then a sleek black '58 pan roared by. The most beautiful angel ever sat behind the bearded rider in jeans and cutoffs, their hair flying in the wind.
    The new biker got real excited and asked "Hey Peter, can I get a scoot like that, I've always loved Panheads!"
    St. Peter said "keep your voice down".
    "Hey Pete what gives?" asked our friend. "You said this is paradise and if I wanted someth...."
    St. Peter cut him off, "Please keep your voice down, that's the bosses son."
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