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    How can I get rid of the rattle that I have in my footboards?They rattle when sitting at an idle,or if I take my foot off of Them while riding.I have done some preliminary inspection,and found what appears to be rubber mounts on the bottom of the footboard,but I don't want to remove something and then not be able to use them again.Thanks for any advice in this matter.
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    Can you tell where the rattle is coming from? Is it the connection under the metal part of the floorboard, where the bracket comes from the frame? If it is from the rubber floorboard itself than Tank is correct it is time to replace the part where your foot rest.
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    How easy do your floorboards lift up? They should take some effort to fold up. If they lift up very easily, then maybe the 2 mounting bolts between the floorboard and bracket need to be tightened.

    If the floorboards are snug in the pivot, then try squeezing the top of the floorboard (insert) and the main part of the floorboard together with your hand while the engine is idling. If the sound goes away, then new inserts are in order.

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    You didn't mention which scoot you're riding or what year. But FYI, I had a bad rattle on my clutch side. I thought it was the jiffy stand banging against the frame, cause if I reached down (carefully) with my foot to hold the jiffy stand it would stop, and start when I let go.
    Upon closer inspection I discovered the mount from the frame to the floorboard had cracked. On my 99 FLHR, there were three tapped holes in the arm holding the floorboard to the frame. Two of them very close together- that's where the crack occurred. The floorboard arm was causing the rattle. I bought replacement, and noticed there are only two tapped holes now. I guess continuous improvement:s You might want to check.
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