Looking for riders going to 105th

Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by ramprat, May 24, 2008.

  1. ramprat

    ramprat Member

    Looking for a small or large group of riders attending the 105th. I'm in New Jersey and can hook up with anyone leaving from there or passing close by. Also need a recommendation for modest (ie: cheap) accomadations. Not looking to camp out since the bike only holds so much gear. Will probably leave the 25th. Thanks
  2. StuckInTime

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    I'm hoping to go, but will likely leave on the 23rd. Still not sure where I am staying, but guessing it will be some tent camping somewhere. Also not sure who (if anybody) I'm going with and how I'm gonna carry all my gear (tent, clothes, camera, etc.). Guess I've got time to figure it out, but should be ordering tickets soon and figuring out where to stay!