Looking for Feedback on Windsheilds for Ultra Classic

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Haywire, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Haywire

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    I am wanting some feedback from riders that have changed the stock windshield on their bagger. Such as what kind you went to, height of windshield purchased, wind buffeting problems if any, service from company you purchased from if you had any problems, etc.

    I am wanting to change mine out(Stock windshield at 13") as it is too tall for me and I am looking through it which I do not like. I want to look over it but still get decent wind protection.

    I am 5'11' tall. So anyone that has gone through this I would appreciate any and all info on type,size etc.
    Thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. glens

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    I was given a still-taped, 7-1/4" exposed, smoked, flat (not pre-curved to fit, but does nonetheless) screen. I'm just under 6'-2. Stock seat. I had to look through the stock piece, and did not like that. This new screen is just fine for me. The windstream doesn't have a distinct on/off boundary and it starts to hit me, near as I can tell, right at the top of my head. At first I thought it was too much wind but quickly learned to love it.

    There is just rarely a slight amount of buffeting which just shakes my eyes. Maybe has something to do with cross/tail/head winds, I haven't put my finger on it yet (which means it hasn't concerned me enough to analyze it).

    However, my passengerette, who's just at 5'-0, gets a little more wind on her face than she'd find ideal at times. She liked the stock one. So I'm pretty sure I'll go with an 8", maybe 9" tops, next time. Maybe one with a slight recurve for her.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    This has been discussed at length:

    Choosing A Windshield - Harley Davidson Community

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    Windshield Comparisons - Harley Davidson Community

    Choosing a brand, shape, and material is important but the number one thing is getting the height right. I suggest taping a piece of cardboard to your existing shield and sitting on the bike on a level area. Keep trimming the cardboard an inch at a time until you determine the height that you're just looking over the top and able to comfortably see down the road. Also, keep in mind that seats, backrests, highway pegs, and handlebars ALL change the way you sit on your bike. Make sure you're happy with all of those items before you start shelling out the money for new shields.
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    Haywire; Confusing ain't it? We have a 5'5" rider with a thinner seat that looks over the stock windshield, and a 6'2'' rider with a stock seat that looks thru the stock height. So far I have the stock that I like for long rides, 8" that I like for up to 65 mph, and a 4" that is,, well it looks good. I'm gonna try a 10" next, I'm 5'10". I got my 8" off ebay,for about $40 delivered. It might have been the company Tank recommended. I'd also like to try one of the super wide "halfmoon" shields. I have heard they flex at speed. Anyhow read up on the threads that Dr.D. supplied above, you will be closer to making a better decision.
  5. 09StdGlide

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    I just installed a flat Cee Bailey 7" that works very well. I'm 5'8" and ride a reach seat. Results are pretty good. Looking over the shield is definately better than looking through it. Service from Cee Bailey has been excellent, prices are reasonable ($44/7" clear/+S&H) and the product is high quality. Installation/fit was seamless.

    They also make a "super step curve" which ranage from $79 to $109 depending on height and tint selected. These look like what KlockWerks sells but seem to be far less $$$. I am going to try one of those shortly as well.
  6. AlaskaAviator

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    I too did not like looking through the windsheild espeicially when it was raining. I cut our sheilds on a band saw enough that I can kind of sit up a little bit and can see over but normally I look through the top inch or two that way a bug does not have as much chance to get me. One thing I just did that helped on wind buffeting was putting the fork wind deflectors on.
  7. Iceman24

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    I prefer the Klock Werks. Got my 8.5" Dark Smoke @ M&M Cycles for $150 & it's awesome. I'm also 5'11" & this KW throws the wind over my head.
  8. Drumrguy

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    haywire, we are the same height, on my last Electra glide I had the 8 or 8.5" one from Harley, my 05 Ultra Classic has the stock one and I am going to go back to the 8 or 8.5" one from Harley on this one to. I think you will like it. I hate the stock windshield, it is a little to high for my liking.
  9. mnultra

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    I to am 5'11". I still have the stock seat and a riders backrest.

    I have tried two (well 3 if you count the stock shield). Both of mine were from Clearview. I originally went with the 8" with the recurve but for me, the buffeting was pretty severe so I ordered a 9 1/2" blem (which you can't see :D) with the recurve and love it.

    Custom Motorcycle Windshields
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    to correctly fit windshield for wind coverage have a friend take a mesurement when you are sitting on your bike in a normal riding position the general rule of thumb is that the mesurment from the top of the farring to the tip of your nose will be the min height windshield required to keep the wind over your head , the best one I ever bought was off E-bay some guy makes them,Ive had it since 2001 3 bikes later and use it in the winter only its ugly but it works great it is wider then all others it is almost the width of whole with of the farring because it is so wide, when I use the radio on my bike you hear your music like being in a car and there is no wind felt around your whole body the one I have is 9 inches I am 5ft 11 tall ,its ugly but man it works great on 40 deg days