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    I have a stock 09 FLHX with a TFI installed. I am wanting to add a Ness Big Sucker and se255 cams. I may go with different cams if someone can give me info on those that will pull hard from 2000 to 3500. I do not want a louder exhaust and would prefer to keep my stock ones. Does this make sense to do or is it a waste of money ??

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    thanks johnv
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    if you can't exhaust then it doesn't matter how well you can intake.. If you are going to add the cams and intake to breath better then you need to change the exhaust to do the same... They make free flowing exhausts the meet the EPA db standards they dont have to be loud..
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    The stock exhaust will reduce the results you would normally get with the intake, cams and free flowing exhaust. The package is only as good as the total components used. If you restrict any part there will be a loss in the total output of the engine.
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    The new Fatshotz slip-ons (Supertrapp) are rated 92 dBA @ idle and 96 dBA @ 2000 rpm per the SAE J2825 standard (EPA approved). Stock mufflers are generally around 80 - 90 dBA throughout rpms.
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    I have a '99 Ultra. When I did the roller chain conversion to go with the hydraulic cam tensioners, I put in a set of Andrews 26N cams, changed out the INA inner cams bearings for the Torrington units, added a Big Sucker air cleaner and a TFI. I already had a set of V&H on the bike. The cams come on at about 1800 and are done by 4000. Noticible increase in HP & torque. Very happy with the applicaion. Gas milage remained about the same....
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    Thanks for the feedback

    Looks like I am going with the Ness Big Sucker, SE Fatshotz slipons. and will add the SE 255 cams over the winter. With the TFI I should be able to dial them in.