Looking for advice 08 or 11

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by 99FB, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. 99FB

    99FB New Member

    Hi all
    Looking at getting another ride but after looking at 2011 tech sheet don't
    know whether to buy a good second hand 08-10 model, hoping for a little advice with one
    P.S looking at fat Boy
    Thanks All
  2. TQuentin1

    TQuentin1 Well-Known Member Staff Member Moderator

    This is one of those "that depends" type questions/answers.

    If you have the ability, desire, skills and time to do your own work, then a used bike means you are not paying for the HUGE depreciation hit you will take in riding off the Dealers' lots. If, however, you need a full factory warranty to protect you from what can go wrong in the first few thousand miles, then a new bike is a better strategy.

    I do all my own work except for what I do not have the tools or equipment to do. So I have no problem buying a used bike. The condition of the bike and how much I expect I will need to do on the bike to "get it right" determines how much I am willing to pay for it.

  3. Iceman24

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    99FB; Agree w/TQuentin1 - the choice is really up to what you want out of the scoot. Now HD did a huge # of mods w/09 & newere touring bikes, but you can't go wrong w/08's either because this was another HD milestone year (anniversary bike line). Also, remember your can upgrade any bike to your technical liking - at a co$t...;-)

    Good luck w/your bike ventures!
  4. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    You may still find an 08 discounted at a dealer near you right now:s
  5. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    You can find great deals, on slightly used bikes, even with warranty time left, that you can get extended.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    It basically boils down to do you are willing too take the pros & cons of owning a brand new bike, with the advantages of full warranty and latest technology and features, ready for any customization & personalization mods a new owner "just does"...or take a lightly used 2 or 3 year old bike that may have some of those mods you were going to do and also take advantage of the still new technology like Brembo brakes, Stiffer Frame Redesign, slight increase in power/displacement, Anti-lock brakes, Security System and such that varied between the different model years previous. Take TQ's suggestion and base it with your specific current and future needs. Only you know when to pull the trigger, it is more about emotions and circumstances than just the numbers!
  7. dbmg

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    Check all the classifieds and even bulletin board at the Harley dealership. Sometimes you can lucky and find a low mileage bike the the rider is retiring from and usually can be had for a fair price. Try not get caught up in the accessories installed on a used bike for seller sometimes believe that make the bike worth more.
  8. Randall K. Wilson

    Randall K. Wilson Junior Member

    I see you have a 99Fatboy...have you thought at all about changing to a Touring Frame machine?
  9. 99FB

    99FB New Member

    Thanks one and all
    For the reply's lots of good input and got me thinking
    Tquentin 1 just like you I like to do all my own work on the bike if I have the tools
    Rawdall K Wilson yes I have been thinking a bit about going to a bagger
    Thanks again for the help, great forum with good positive feed back and info
    Cheers All
  10. sprinklerfitter669

    sprinklerfitter669 Junior Member

    I did just that, and i recommend it.