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    I have installed the Harley Air horn...Its ok...not as loud as I thought it should be...can't get the folks on cell phones attention...We all know how that is...Anyway I heard a set of horns at the 105th made by Rivco Products. The horns are electric not air but wow what a great sound it produced at 118 decibels...also it has a kit to install them under the bike...Anyone here ever use them ...not very expensive for the sound they produce...just wondering if they hold up ok..I probably only blew my horn maybe four or five times this year....not sure if anyone heard me till I twisted the grip a bit.I just don't want them to join my tin can thats full of bad ideas...Thanks in advance. :)

    Rivco Products, Inc.Magnum Electric Horn Set
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    I recently added the DynamicDuo model air horn from HowardsHorns.com to my Ultra. They are rated at 130+Db. This is the loudest motorcycle horn that I or my friends have ever heard! They also have a really nice mounting setup that give a classic air horn look, and the compressor is hidden right under the old horn cover. Installation was a minor hassle since you have to pull a new - lead directly to the - battery terminal, but it is worth it. I'm not associated with Howards Horns in any way, I'm just telling you this because it's true. Great product! Check out my avatar pic for a look.

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    I don't have ehat's in you link... But I do have a set of Pro One dual note air horns, 104dB. They get peoples attention. The high/low sound is kinda different, so cagers tend to hear it...

    On a side note, let me know if you're going to sell that HD air horn. I may be interested...
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    The only horn that will get the attention of caged cellphone users (especially female blonde ones) is made by Smith and Wesson.:p