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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Duffer, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. Duffer

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    I noticed today Sears has their Pro Motorcycle Jack on sale.
    The website has it at $169.99, but our local sales flyer says $152.99 (reg $199.99). Might be something to look for if you are in the market for a jack.
    I bought one 2 weeks ago ( of course)and love it. Slides right under my RKC, is aluminum so light weight (44#) and very stable.
    Haven't given it the "Smitty Test" yet. Still a little nervous about seeing my baby up in the air like that.:newsmile071:

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  3. buddybr

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    I only use my jack to lift the bike enough to wash the tires. Like Duffy, I haven't tried the "Smitty Test," and to be honest, I don't intend to.

    Anyway, I bought mine at Harbor Freight for less than $70 and they had one even cheaper. I've used it over two years with no problems.
  4. larryjmiller

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    I bought the J&S Jack from the boys in Wisconsin.

    The thing is american made, uses all quality components (except maybe the bottle), but it is very low, easily picks up my RK and I use it to spin it around to give me a straight shot in and out of the garage. Great wheels and I think that's one of the keys. I also crank it all the way up to do my detailing. I believe the advertisement. I have tried to lift it off of the jack when it's a few inches off the ground and it is as stable as heck. I spent the few extra dollars to get something that my bike won't fall off of. Seems crazy to scrimp on a jack when your $20K + piece of machinery could fall off. I'm very confident that I could remove a wheel without it budging. I don't us tie downs either. I bought a couple and will use them when I finally do take off a wheel - just in case! Belts and suspenders when it's my money I'm working with.

    Money well spent in my opinion. I am a frugal guy so I really wanted to buy the less expensive and lightweight aluminum jack. When I did some looking around and talking to some of the guys at work that work on their bikes, they convinced me to spend the extra $. I'm glad I did.

    If you were to take one of the less expensive jacks, beef it up, and put on better wheels, you'd have a J&S jack but you'd probably spend more $ doing that. This is not a paid endorsement. They make a quality jack. AND! they pack it up proprerly. You won't receive a chewed up package from the shipper with a bunch of parts missing.
  5. Steve Di.

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    The lifting pads must be very wide in order to keep a bike from tipping after removing a wheel. Their web site shows a guy sitting on the front fender while the bike is on the jack. There is another picture of a bike on the jack with its front forks removed.

    I wonder if a jack that wide could fit under a softail.
  6. wolfshead1

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    H F is ok had one, Sears yellow jack is better have one.Easy to sell wither one.
  7. oldgeezer

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    I use the Sears Pro Yellow jack that Glider and Smitty are so fond of. I picked mine up like Smitty, but I did not climb on it. It is a very good jack.
  8. Lancer

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    I also have the Sears yellow jack. No complaints, very happy with it.
  9. glider

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    Actually I think you are mistaken there. I like the wider stance of the big frame over the narrow rear wheels on the sears unit for better stability. I looked at the sears unit when I was in the market and found that the quality of the unit wasn't what I was looking for so I passed on it.
  10. oldgeezer

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    oh, I'm sorry. My sometimers must be acting up again!:bigsmiley20: