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    I'm new to the engine section but have been at the dyna section for years, Hi all; I got beat by my buddy, he has an 03 ultra, injected, with 211 cams, rinehart true duals, and a stroker making it 96". I have a stock 02 wide glide, a/c and v&h 2into1 exhaust. He beat me but not terrible so I figured I'd send out a set of heads I picked up and have them worked over some, then put in some cams and go up 1 jet size on the main and lifting the needle a little. Was wondering if someone might know what cams might work best with stock pistons but with head work and the thinner head gaskets, exhaust and jetting? I am looking to keep good grunt on the low and mid range and still idle decent and maintain longevity. Thanks for any help----jack
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    It would be a good time to consider doing the roller chanin conversion and hyd tensioner upgrade. I am using the Andrews 26N cams. Your bike is most likely due for tensioners. Good luck on deciding your build
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    Hi jaxdwg, I would match his 211 cams, they are good cams that like a light bike and love compression, there so mild you can run stock push rods if you wanted. They don't beat the engine up so there good for longevity. S/E heavey breather will help also for sure. don't know how many miles you have on the bike but while the heads are off I would pop some S/E big bore cylinders with high compression cast pistons on the bike, and while I was doing cams I would also install hybrid cam plate and high flow oil pump kit
    and if you still have any money the S/E 44mm CV carb with manifold would be the icing on the cake. I would make sure if you have the heads done who ever does them has a proven track record, lots of people out there THINK they know heads. With the set up I quoted even with out heads you will have to keep pulling over to wait for your bud to catch up:) If you just want to do cams I would still go 211's
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    Thanks guys, now, who does good head work?
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    I spent months researching cams and heads because it's crucial they match. I ended up with a wood cam and hillside heads. I talked to S&S, CycleRama, HQ, BigBoyz and several others before I decided on Hillside Cycle for my headwork. Lots of good machinists out there, the big thing is that your porting matches your cams. IMO, give Bob Wood a call and take his advice.
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    Whoever you choose for headwork(good list above, I'd add Larry's Motorcycle &Machine) talk to them, tell them your goals and they'll recommend a cam to match their work and you won't be disappointed. I'd suggest getting your stockers done instead of buying a set of aftermarket heads.
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    Thanks; I picked up a set of stock 04 heads with 2k on them, with pistons and p/r tubes and lifter blocks and intake for 184.00 delivered. They absolutely look like they have 2k, ( I am a master auto tech and aircraft mechanic) but don't know that much about what works good on a Harley. I'll do all the wrenching but don't want to guess about the porting and matching set-up to get the best power and longevity from the proper combination. Thanks so much for the help------jack
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    Bob Wood cams, along with the proper cylinder head mods, lend themselves to a very quick bike, that can certainly show your buddies the tailight.:s

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    On my 2000 TC. ported n flowed heads, manley vales and springs . I had good luck going gear drive and using 570SS cams..

    that being said I did thee much needed UP-GRADE with oil pump and cam plate,,, READ "andrews cam setup or something like that .... a lot of information ...

    NOW DAYS i would go with the KIT about 429. from HD and a good set of cams , with you not going BIG BORE high compression , probably something less duration and lift would work.. the 570SS I used WERE set up in the springs when head work was don and NEEDS to BE....

    If you find something in .500" lift that would do for a "bolt in cam" and having the cam "come on" at 2300/2400 MAX is needed and not HIGHER.... A BIGGER CAM DOESN'T MEAN MORE POWER there are a lot of THING that go into using a RIGHT CAM and it is SAID by the KNOWLEDGEABLE BUILDERS it is ALWAYS BETTER to go wit a SMALLER CAM than a TOO LARGE ONE.

    good luck

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    As others have said, the match of cam, heads ported and setup done by good head shop are critical...the last thing you need is a race ready, hard starting, ill tempered, high maintenance fire breather that eats starters and spends more time in the shop than on the road...