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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Badgerw, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. Badgerw

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    I had an interesting experience today. I was riding on the interstate in the middle lane. Traffic was not unusually heavy, suddenly I noticed an object airborne from the inside lane, it was the bed liner from a pick-up truck. The bed liner struck the car directly in front of me, bounced off that car and was thrown into the next lane hat a car and then was hit by a 3rd car. I made it past the bed liner and watched in my mirror as it was hit by the cars behind me. Had I not been paying attention I could have had a very serious accident.
  2. glider

    glider Veteran Member

    That could have been catastrophic for sure on a bike.:shock
  3. razorbacksrule

    razorbacksrule Member

    Had the same thing happen to me once a truck in front of me lost its muffler hit the road a flew right past me ..

    00BUCKSHOT Junior Member

    my motorcycle road trips bypass all interstates for this very reason! i figure if it takes me 2 hours longerto get there OH WELL i'm not on my bike because i'm in a hurry
  5. Riviera Reg

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    Badgerw - Glad to see that you avoided what could have been a very serious accident. I guess thats why we all have to be aware of whats going on around us when riding.

    Recently I came up behind a guy that was towing a big ski boat on a two lane highway. Inside the big boat there was a small inflatable boat (ski tow boat). Before I had a chance to get around him, the inflatable boat caught a gust of wind and flew out of the big boat on to the highway. It was like slow motion so I had time to react and move into the shoulder lane to miss hitting the flying boat.

    Not quite as dangerous as a flying bed liner, but still could cause a biker to go down at 75 MPH.

    When I finally was able to get passed the guy, he was driving along half asleep (or loaded) and didn't even realize that he lost the inflatable boat on the road.

    Continue to ride safe abd be aware.
  6. Rewind

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    I'm glad you saw it in time!!!! Here's one for ya..........

    A buddy of mine is cruizing along in his motor home after just getting it out of the shop when a furniture delivery truck passes him carrying a new mattress and box springs.......

    yea..................you guessed it..............the mattress comes flying off like a giant sail and smacks my buddy's RV. Luckly for my buddy and his wife they came out of it ok, but the RV got towed back to the shop for a new windshield lots of other parts!!!

    I've seen so many things fall off of cars and trucks.........man you gotta stay alert!!!!
  7. Rhowle

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    WOW ....... mine's not quite so tramatic. I was riding home down a small country road, about 25-30 mph, just before dark and from my right I caught the image of a bird heading right for me, then I caught the bird. It was a small owl, like a barn or screech owl. It hit me right at the neck and shoulder and I instinctivly cocked my head to the right trapping one of it's wings under the side of my head while it beat me over the head with it's other wing. After a few seconds, that seemed like forever, I straightned up my head and the owl and myself went our seperate ways with no fouls no injury.
  8. paulmack

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    Keeps us reminded that we have to be defensive riders at all times. I also avoid the interstate as much as I can when traveling on a bike or in a car.
  9. 03classic

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    Riding the interstate is always eventful,retreads coming off 18 wheelers,people flicking cig butts out the window,people on cell phones not paying attention,road construction OHHH Yeaaa!
  10. hippie13

    hippie13 Active Member

    on a rainy ride back from upper state ny me and my buddy were ridin beihnd a pickup pulling a trailer. we saw the trailer bounce and this thing (lookd like a bumper) flew up at us and luckily went over us ;-). close one.
    it can be scary out there ,always be lookin out for trouble and alittle luck dont hurt either lol