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    well have done the annual long island cruise , have to stop going there its getting too expensive . rolled in Wednesday night at 10.30 pm only to notice the wifes car wasn`t there , after the happy`s to see you she drops the bomb - car totaled - look around every one is their with no injuries , so how bad can it be , yup car is totaled,
    seems a guy decided to stop on I 495 & talk on his phone . yes stop on highway not on shoulder, two cars totaled & the guy can`t under stand why he got hit, My wife was 2nd car - 1st car just missed him & flipped in ditch avoiding him. now thats 3 cars in two years - wife son daughter & they wonder why I always drive!
    everyones ok so I better stay happy
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    Glad your wife is o.k.! I've been on the L.I.E. ( Long Island Expressway) and that is one crazy highway. I am really starting to resent cell phones and driving because of things like this!!
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    Wow!, glad your wife is ok, that guy is really a big dummy, hope he gets cited for being stupid in the least!