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    Wife and I are planning a 30 day 8-10k mile tour of the western states for the summer of 2016. I know that is several months away, but I want some time to test/prove/improve any modifications I make on the bike long before we set out. We are riding an '07 Ultra and will be towing a trailer. I am looking for any general advice, but specifically looking for recommendations regarding seat choice. I ran the stock seat for about 70,000 miles and then installed a Mustang seat. The Mustang seat now has 70,000+ on it. I am considering the Mean City Cycles or the Astech seat mods. Thoughts?
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    My dad has done multiple circuits around the US on his 06 CVO ultra with only a Mustang seat change and towing a trailer and hasn't needed to do anything other than regular maintenance to keep it road worthy. They do tend to put down a sheepskin as well.
    For that long of a trip, I'd make sure you have fresh tires, fluids and schedule a stop somewhere to do the 5k maintenance (or carry your fluids and do it on the jiffy stand).
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    I would give Mean city a crack at re foam and gel your Mustang seat, they will ask you specific questions on weight and what you want done:D

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    I ALWAYS take along Advil... AM and PM I take a little... IT Does help.

    Nothing will ruin a trip faster than a Stiff or Sore back/neck/arms, etc...

    You are far away from home and that Easy Chair to rest a little...

    You might need to recuperate once in a while at a Motel... A night there Might do Wonders for Both... And a Normal bed, taking a HOT Shower.

    The wife will love you for that.:s

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    Jeans and underwear that are one size too large. Helps with the circulation of the nether regions. Long sleeve shirts decrease dehydration, and add in cooling when drenched with water. Light breakfast & lunch, then whatever you want for supper. Don't be too adventurous with new/spicy/exotic food. Stop for breaks BEFORE your wife tells you it's time to stop, this pays great dividends for the entire trip!!! Plan a place for everything, and keep everything in it's place. It's frustrating to hunt stuff every time you need it. Compliment (don't patronize) her often about how much help she is. Plan some "down" days for weather or just to recharge yourselves. Don't make a rigorous schedule and insist on meeting each days goal. Make a pre ride inspection each day, she can look at the tires as you roll. Act silly and have fun together (when you are stopped of course).
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    On any tour the joy is in the journey not the destination make the journey as pleasurable as possible stop and visit attractions on the way we have enjoyed many and hour sitting at a roadside stop just watching people come and go
    Do some shorter trips beforehand to find out if there is stuff you need that you haven't thought about if your clothing is right and if everything will fit back on the bike after a nights stop
    Nothing better at the end of a days riding than a hot shower cold beer and good food

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    This may be THE manual for traveling with the Warden! Great advice Pete.
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    The joy is definitely in the journey. This trip is in part to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and in part to celebrate her college graduation. This is not our first long ride, but it will be our longest to date. Our previous longest trip was 23 days and covered 7,500 miles. In general, I am ready to quit for the day before she is. Lately I find that I start getting uncomfortable after only 400 miles or so and that is why I am looking at seat modifications.

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    Seat Modifications take LESS Time than Butt modifications do...:newsmile07: Good Plan...

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    I've never used one but I heard the gel filled cushions work nice on long rides.