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  1. wildspirit97

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    When I first got my bike, I found this forum from a Google search, and I don't even remember what I was trying to find. After finding the site and becoming a member I logged on everyday for about about a year and a half or more. Slowly I logged on less and less because of seeing a lot of the same posts and questions over and over. and eventually end up not logging on for quite a while. Maybe 3 or 4 times in the last 6 or 8 months. My loss I guess, but I like to give Kudos to all the mod's and tech guru's that still log on EVERY SINGLE DAY and answer the same questions day in and day out. With out you guys this site would be nothing But since your still here moderating and answering the site is still here and getting better everyday...So Thanks Glider,Smitty,Hoople,Bud,Hobbit (if your still around), and all the newer guys and all the good members that have made this site what it is.:cheers

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    Thanks WS97...we are always here because sometimes it helps to have someone to bounce ideas with. These V-Twins have personality and temperment related to the rider and conditions...and the forum is designed to provide a climate for success. It really is a pleasure to help our brothers and sisters out...almost 3 years here with my first Harley and all is well! :D
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    Noticed i'd not seen you around for quite some time.Figured you'd "moved on" as we all do.Life certainly isn't stagnant.

    As an afterthought,how do you find the Vance and Hines pipes?What map did you use?My brother has just bought a set for his '08 Fatboy and wants me to remap his T/max.Also,i've heard there is ground clearance problems with the exhaust ends scraping.He and the local H.O.G. club ride fairly hard.

    What's your overall asessment of these pipes?

    Thanks for any info.Regards.
  4. glider

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    Thanks wildspirit, It's nice to see the members coming back to help out too with the newer members.
  5. Iceman24

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    Definitely...HDTimeline's built tough and...I own a Chevy truck too (go figure). This site's saved me alot of lost riding time & frustration. Kudos to all our Moderators for keeping it fun, informative & top quality!!!
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    I must admit that this site has got under my skin and im here almost every day missed a few when away on summer trip and i read all the posts just in case i can help somewhere

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    I was wondering what happened to you, glad to see you back. As the membership grows there are a lot of the same inquiries made but core group stays the same, and the moderators are committed maintaining the best Harley site there is. I still check everyday still learn new things and get new ideas.
    Thanks HD Talking!
    And I just bought another chevy truck.
  8. wildspirit97

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    I like the pipes as for ground clearance, they should be fine. I'm on Softail Standard, and not a FatBoy buy I don't see how they would be any different. As for maps on the T-max I used one of the True Dual Rinehart maps. the map number is 393
  9. mrtn681

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    I don't post very much but it's kinda' like reading the paper ,I'm here about every day.
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    As this is my first bike at 50 I knew nothing about Harleys. I sifted through all the sites that came up in the search and HDTimeline ended up on top. Content, organization, patience, expertise, everything. I read through the post daily for three months before buying the bike and joined after my purchase. I'm still learning but hope someday I can help someone as you all have helped me.