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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by chadfish, Feb 19, 2015.

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    I recently traded for an 11' classic. I am wanting to start with some very minor customization here and there. One of the things I want to start with is lighting. I realize some do not like all the additional lighting on bikes. I guess I lean towards the "i just want to be seen" by the cager crowd. I am interested in the undercarriage frame type lighting, I am interested in the windshield trim, lighting passenger floorboard, lights review mirror, turn signals, saddlebag or faring accent lighting. I am not saying that I want every single option I've listed or others may list on the same bike, I would just like to see the options that are out there that I may be unfamiliar with so I can get a better Idea of where my limited funds will be best spent.

    I most likely will not be doing the install on much if any of this. I have a couple different places im "interviewing" to handle the install, but I am looking at getting the most out of my money. No need to spend $100.00 from a big brand when less expensive options are available.

    Would love to see pics of whatever mods you've had done.

    thanks much!

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    Better check with the DMV for laws in regards to additional lighting. You may find that your undercarriage lighting may attract the attention you do not want....:58:
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    Agreed, some states frown on lighting that's not considered stock equipment. I'd make sure you're state is not 1 of them.:s
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    Real good advice on checking with your state and local laws. Here in Fl. most of the lighting you have listed can only be used when the bike is parked.
  5. dbmg

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    Remember you only get what you pay for and when things go wrong with the factory electronics do to improper installation or repair remember you have saved nothing cause it is going to cost a ton to get it corrected. Seen it happen many times before.:(
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    I replaced all the lights on my 13 Ultra Limited with HD LED'S. The Daymakers are amazing headlights and the LED light bar across the back of the tour pack really let's them know you are stopping. No load equalizers needed for the turn signals. I have about $2000 just in the lights. None of them are difficult to install.
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    Things to consider, regarding accent lighting and the law, in most jurisdictions:
    1. Red light is not to be visible from the front of the vehicle
    2. Blue is not to be seen at all (limited to LEO and emergency vehicles)
    3. White must only be visible from the direction opposite the motion of the vehicle (headlights or reverse indicators)
    4. Lighting that could cause confusion in interpretation should not be used
    5. Some colors are not authorized for moving vehicles at all (such as green)
    This list is not exhaustive, just intended for a heads-up.

    Rich P