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    after reading a very touching post by RWB, i thought that i should share this with the Fourm

    i use to get leg cramps at night so bad that i had to stand against the wall and put all my weight on my toes to strainghten out again. when talking to my 82 yr old father one day he said "take 3 vitamin E then 1 Vitamin C" he would get them everynight now he hasn't had any in years. i have since mentioned this to freinds who complained and none of have the leg cramps anymore. i take the 3E and 1C every week but my buddies and father do it every day.

    dad was told by an retired aisan doctor freind
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    Be careful about taking excessive amounts of any vitamins. Some can become toxic and do more harm than good. I'm not into vitamins but I know some who swear by them and get into taking half a cup per day of different vitamins. Also some vitamins have to be taken at certain times followed by others to help the body absorb them.

    Too much work for me.:D
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    i agree, that is why i am only doing it once a week (when i can remember)and that seems to work just fine for me

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    Found that tonic water w/Quinine works if you take a small cup 1 or 2 times a week. Symptoms leave the day after and lasts for many days Use to be able to get it from my doctor in capsules way back in the 80's. It was discovered to alleviate symptoms during the Panama Canal building, fighting Yellow Fever/Malaria in Central America way back when, it just works.
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    Yep I get cramps every single night. I sit, stand against the wall, etc and stretch while watching TV. I used to take some Vit E years ago. But the Doc told me they found that it caused minor internal bleeding so now I just take the Omega fish oil. Might try a little again just to see. I might be willing to bleed a little to be shed of the cramps.

    Glider is right though about taking too many Vitamins, especially Vit A and Vit D since it is stored in your liver. There are variables invovled. Alcohol consumption does flush some of the stored A out of the liver. There are other variables but one should be aware of them before taking too many. You would have to eat large portions liver or even larger portions of carrots every day though to overdose natually. The doc told me that a moderate dosage of Omega 3 would be a safe level of Vit A if I did not eat a lot of liver.

    You are absolutely correct in all of that. In fact we had to take a Quinine pill everyday in Nam to prevent Malaria. I don't remember it bothering me much in Nam but I did try the Quinine based leg relaxers a few yrs ago and they made me dizzy. Just made me feel uncomfortable. Might be from an inner ear problem I have from an auto accident yrs ago. I was hit pretty hard and would be dizzy and would pass out from it for a few months afterwards. They did brain scans but said there was no fluid on the brain. They said many times when a person suffers a brutal hit like that it knocks debri (as they called it ) loose in the inner ear and causes dizzyness and loss of balance. I had to take pills for awhile just to be able to go back to work.

    Anyhow thanks for the info, the Vit E might help me and the Quinine could very well help someone else.
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    A banana a day will help with cramps.
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    I get these occasionally. The kind of cramp behind my knee that makes it feel as if my leg wants to bend as if sitting. So I have to try and staighten it out like you do, EXTREMLY PAINFULL !!!
    What works for me is a shot of plain old yellow mustard, straight from the bottle. It;s the tumeric, I'm told. All I know is that it works for me, within 30 seconds my cramp is gone. I keep one of those squeeze contairers in my desk at work, just in case, because they come anytime, un announced.
    BTW, a mouth full of yellow mustard in the middle of the night is not really very tasty !!!! but it works.
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    Tonic water with quinine helps me. A cup a day whether I need to or not. Never had a problem when I used to drink. Of course my drink of choice was Gin and Tonic.:)
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    Vitamin A, D, E, and K are the ones you have to watch out for. They are fat soluble and can be stored in the body. The rest are water soluble and get flushed out when you go to the bathroom. Not into vitamins (other than a daily) but have had many nutrition classes at culinary school.
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    +1 and drink more water.