Left blinker works intermittently on '98 FLHTCI

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by doberwiler, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. doberwiler

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    Forum -- I need some help,

    The left blinker on my '98 FLHTCI works intermittently. It is between the left handlebar switch and wiring to the blinker control module. When it works it lights up all the lights.

    I took off the faring tonight and wiggled around some wires and could get it to work intermittently (I doubt it is the handlebar switch).

    Can someone tell me where the turn signal module is on this bike. I could also use some help locating that wire. Does it go through the main wiring harness?

    Any help us greatly appreciated as I am doing a 6 day ride next weekend and don't want to do it without a left blinker.

    I have the service manual and can figure out the wiring diagrams, but I don't know where each module is located.


  2. Webbtron

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    Under the seat, in the little cavity between the battery and the tank. It is huge, size of a womans fist. At least on the 2000 RKC.
    Trick I use is photocopy the wiring diagram and you can write and trace the wires or highlight them and not worry.
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    Thanks for the tips on photocopying the wiring diagrams -- I will do that.

    You have to be kidding that the turn signal module is under the seat?

    I wiggled the wires at the bottom of the left front faring and that seemed to make it work or not work. Is there a connector there or do you think the wire is pinched?

    I'll work on it more tomorrow and post results...

    Thanks for the info....
  4. tourbox

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    There is a connector in the Fairing for each handle bar control. 1 is grey and 1 is black.Distinguishes left and right.They plug into the main harness/auxiliary harness.
  5. TQuentin1

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    Start simple/easy first. You tried:

    • Swapping the bulb with a known good one to eliminate that?
    • Checking the wiring to the socket to make sure it is good?
    • Cleaning the contacts inside the socket to ensure no corrosion?
    If all that checks out, you are in for tracing the wires to spot a pinch-point. Also check the connector for a lot of corrosion.

  6. Checkers

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    All good isolation suggestions, also fender tip lites can cause several t/signal and running light feedback issues. Unplug you fender tip lights, one at a time to isolate if either are the problem:small3d031:
  7. Jack Klarich

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    1997 module was in the headlight bucket, I believe the 98 model was behind the ignition switch in the fairing