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    Just wondering if anyone has any tips on good places to install led lights. I have a 03 road king wine color and just got a deal on some led lights. have 28 of them plus 2 pods to put by the back wheel. I figure under the gas tank but does anybody have any idea on how many is a good number?
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    Hey rider,,I wired up the scoot this winter myself. I have a 07 tour classic and what I did was one on each side of the aircleaner, two on both sides of the gas tank. Two on the frame up toward the neck but not higher that the motor(they shine nicely on the chrome oil filter and the cylinder covers), I have two on the horn,two on the sides of the frame up towards where the battery sits, I have both sides of the bags lit with two facing up towards the tour pack. Two down on the frame towards the wheels and finally two strips covering the bottom of the frame the length of the engine.
    I love the way it turned out and I am guilty of going out to turn them on at night just to see how it is going to look as I hit the highway this spring.Oh ..and I went with Red as my bike is Black Cherry.

    Good luck

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    Fyi before you ride on any hiways or streets with your red led lights on you might want to check the local laws first . Most states won't allow red or blue lights unless they are emergency . They are ok sitting in a parking lot and on but not while moving . A lot of kids found out the hard way with leds under their cages .
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    Never had them on any of my bikes, bike does not sit long enough to justify them, so cannot help, but I do know in Pa, red or blue lights used to not be allowed, they said impersonating a police officer! But hey anything to be more visible is good, remember to that they should not be able to be seen, just the color, try to hide the bulbe pretty good. Good luck.
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    Smitty's done some fine tricks w/LED's...just let your imagination go. I don't think you can go wrong w/illumination accents - mostly see them under tank, fender, etc... We used to put lights in our car wheel wells years ago which looked cool on the muscle cars (light'n up the tires). Have fun w/it.
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    While I haven't gotten around to "upgrading the new dresser", I utilized the lizard lights on my previous wide glide, can change up to seven differant colors so if you want to light it up on the highway, you have options other than red or blue.....just a thought.
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    LED's are another item to reflect your personallty. As BoHiker mentioned, check your local laws. My 06 SG is done up in red, and as of yet (knock on wood) I haven't had a problem in my area. Although the local AFB gets a little touchy about 'em. Mine are under tank X2 , beneath the frame, inside my bag fairings, down from the TP and inside my horn bell. Placement is endless.
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    I lit up my rd king with blue. I have 13 seperate lights 2 in air cleaner 2 in horn cover 2 in main frame under the seat pointing to the rear of the motor 1 under the neck pointing to the voltage reg 2 under the headlight pointing down 2 on the rear fender strut (1 each side) 2 under the tank shining on motor. like iceman24 said use your imagination make sure you hide the bulbs so it just glows the color, and make it fun. by the way I had a ark state trooper read the law to me in fayettvile during the biks, blues and bbq festival last fall!( no ticket )