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Discussion in 'Road Trips/Touring' started by flipper, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Well, it's finally here. My husband and I are leaving in the morning on our bikes for a long awaited trip up into the Ozarks. Him on his '09 Ultra and me on my '09 Heritage. We plan to go to Hot Springs for the first night and then hwy. 7 up to Harrison on Tuesday with a side trip to Mt. Magazine possibly. Depends on the weather. Will save Petit Jean and Nebo for another trip. We will stay 3 nights in Harrison with Wednesday riding to Peel and taking then ferry, on to Branson and maybe Springfield to go to Bass Pro and Denney's HD, then back to Harrison. Thursday, we go down to Jasper, Ponca, Boxxley, on around to Huntsville and then maybe a side trip on hwy 12 to Rogers and a visit to Pig Trail HD there. Then on to Eureka Springs and back to Harrison. Next day home with a pause at Toad Suck HD in Conway. Pray for good weather and a safe trip please. This is the first of what we hope to be many long and longer road trips. My mother is a basket case. Told her I would email her a photo every night.:small3d015::small3d015:
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    Be safe and have a good ride. I live in the Springfield area and you should enjoy it very much.
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    have a good time,, ride safe ....,,
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    I'll bet that's a gorgeous ride this time of year. In June I rode down through
    Missouri into Arkansas and across Mississippi on the way to Miami. It was
    a neat area to ride through .. hadn't been there before. Only bad part was
    it was 100+ and the heat kind of wears on you.

  5. D.Bradfield

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    Be sure and eat at the lodge on top of Mt. Magazine. Great place for some pictures also. Went to the Bikes Blues and BBQ in Fayettville and rode some of them same roads. Be careful and have a great time.
  6. TripleJ

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    We did the Pig Trail and surrounding area (about 1,000 miles in 2.5 days) last weekend and it was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Hope your trip is just a good....... ride safe and enjoy :D
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    Sounds like an awesome trip - ride safe, enjoy & post some pics of this adventure when you get back so we all can have a share of the sights.
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    Enjoy your trip ..just got back from 1400 miles last week up to Mena , Mag. Mt. and up to Eureka Springs .. Great trip.. 62 over to Roger's is a great road.. And they had some good sales at the Pig Trail H.D. and cheaper than the store in E. Springs..great riding up there.. be careful of people in E. Springs though they will turn right in front of you in a heartbeat.. And if you go party in E. Springs they got a $5 dollar limo service ,works out good ..... And The Roadhouse in E. Springs has some good food ,it's just on the east end of town right before the Riders Rest Motel.. Ya'll have fun....:D
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    Sounds like a nice ride. Here's hoping the weather gods keep the sun shining for you.:worthy
    Have a safe ride and have a great time exercising those smile muscles:D.:cheers
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    With that much time in Harrison I'd be sure to scoot over to Eureka Springs for at least a day. Pig Trail HD has a small store (shirts/etc) and nice burger joint there.