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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hotrodjohn, Oct 23, 2010.

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    This is probably in the wrong section but here it goes. I have been searching for a Leather jacket for cooler temps. I have it down to 2. I like the HD FXGR leather that has all the bells and whistles. It fits me well and I will tell you I have tried on many. The other is the Fox creek vented reflector jacket. I think the weight of the FXGR is just right as it is heavier than the HD Road Warrior. That being said it is made in china and lists for $660:( i knw you can get it for about 100 less. The Fox creek is made in the USA!!!:D:D:D but I cant try it on:(. Has anyone had experiance with Fox Creek? looks like well made stuff but I am picky about the jacket fitting me.
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    All I know about Fox Creek is what I have been reading on the 'net for several years. I can't think of any comment that was less than 100%. I think they are receptive to phone calls with any question. I think Fox creek uses American cows too!:D
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    Fox Creek is great to work with. I ordered a jacket, it was too small. I called them, we came up with the right size and they sent it out. I had to pay the shipping for the new one but there were no issues exchanging it. I also ordered a jacket for the SO and she didn't like the way it fit (she is small and the jacket just didn't fit her). We were able to send it back with no problems. I've read where others have had the same experience.

    Good people to work with.

    The quality of the jacket is great too. I'm keeping an eye on their web site - I'm waiting on the leather overpants to go on sale ;-)
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    American Cows This I like:D
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    Other than Harley you will not find a better made jacket:)
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    They taste great too!:D:D:D

    I have had the FXRG for severlal years and I really like the versatility. I have zero seriousl complains about it. The only thing I am thinkning about having a local leather shop add to mine are some small leather belt buckles on the side. I bought it large enought to be comfortable will all my winter layers on, but when it is warmer out and I just have the leather outer shell on, it does flutter a little in the wind. It has snap tans low on the waste but I alway seem to pop one fo the snaps while riding. And the snaps only sinch it up at the lowest point on my waist. But the versatility of the jacket spans 80% of the temps I ride in in MD. Above 80 F is too warm for me with MD humidity.

    I also have belts, gloves, a wallet and vest from Fox Creek. I didn't learn about Fox Creek until I joined this site. There sevice is second to none. I really like being able to try on clothing, but given the service and the American made status (which has become much more important to me) I would be willing to order from FoxCreek EVEN if I had to return it and pay a restocking fee, if it just didn't work out.

    To me, for my style of riding the FXRG, while not made in the US, is a very good modular system and it is very temperature versatile and very functional. My wife bought me the leather FXRG pants as well. No complaints at all.

    Either way, I don't think you will have a bad product. If I had it to do over again, I would buy American from FoxCreek, but I say that while also saying "I really like my FXRG gear."
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    I just bought a Fox Creek jacket and love it. I intended to buy the Classic II but they sent me the CLassic. I wanted armor pockets so they sent me one with those also. I needed it for trip I was taking so didnt have time to work a swap for the Classic II and overall I have grown to really like the regular Classic. The leather is top notch AND soft....no long term break in with these. The armor from my Joe Rocket moved right over to this jacket....They were nice enough to send me another jacket but when I got home after putting 1400 miles on the one I originally was sent I couldnt send it back as "new" if you know what I mean...so customer service is good if not accurate all the time.
    Oh and supporting an american business with american workers is a no brainer in comparison with buying Chinese in my opinion.
  8. Trek

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    I also just bought one from Fox Creek. I bought their vented bomber jacket with zip out liner and I love it. It will have to be pretty cold for me to put the liner in. The leather is the naked leather and the quality is top notch. I don't think you can go wrong them.
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    If all things were equal, you'd do well supporting a US business. In this situation, you'd be a fool not to. Do yourself a favour and buy a jacket from Fox Creek. You wont be disappointed.
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    I have Fox Creek jacket, chaps & gloves. Would buy again, great product, great service, nice people to deal with.