Leaking Primary and Trap Door

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by WhiteHotFLHX, Apr 22, 2013.

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    In need of some advice please: I have a 2011 FLHX that I am in the midst of converting to a full bagger with only 7,700 miles on it. I went for a quick ride last week and noticed a trail of oil down my driveway where I back out. I have an extended warranty so I promptly took to my local HD dealer who let me know this morning my primary is leaking as well as the trap door. Please bear in mind I can bolt on like anyones business, but deep mechanical I am novice. What can cause this on such a low mile engine? What should I expect once corrected? I am concerned that my extended warranty may be a pain in the butt too, not through personal experience, but a friend of mine that had to go through hell and back for everything they covered.

    Thanks for any guidance/advice

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    Under warrenty they should fix it, could be caused by something as simple as loose bolt?
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    I have a Primary leak that drips from the lowest point on the Primary. This happens to be the drain plug housing structure. So it would be easy to believe that the plug, derby cover or Primary cover was leaking. But looking under the bike from the right side and checking out the back of the Inner Primary, there is an oil wet "wedge" pattern coming from where the main oil seal is! So that is what I am doing right now. Pulling the Inner Primary to replace both the main oil seal as well as the jack-shaft oil seal (no use just doing one!!).

    BUT, I installed the starter coupling 180* wrong, so it is all coming back off tonight!! Oh well. That is what happens when you DON'T read the book.

    As a side note, any time you are in the Primary with the compensator, chain, and clutch basket removed, pull the rotor and look at the Stator. Check for darkening or burnt coils. If there are any, swap out the Stator too, or you will be back in the Primary shortly!! Also check that the magnets inside the rotor are all in place.

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    I had an issue with a leak either coming from the primary cover or coming from the inner primary on and off for about 7 months.

    I have an extended warranty and the dealer has fixed it everytime without an issue. Usually without charging me the deductible again also, since it keeps recurring.

    My local dealer finally got it to stop, and when I was in Daytona I had to have some work done and now it leaks again.

    Will be taking it in again soon.

    I have never had an issue with the warranty or it covering a repair.