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    I just started on this site, and I have been a Harley owner for a year now. I love my bike! when I purchased it, it had 5900MI on it and i got an awesome deal on it as a consignment, it was practically new! it has 11000 on it now, It's obvious to me as an 06 it sat quite a bit, I am noticing a small leak at the stater wires, and some moisture under the primary, is this from it sitting? maybe the seals dyed out? I changed out all the fluids, I used Mobil one for primary, Red Line Shock Proof in tyranny, and Amsoil for engine. I have heard of Harley s leaking, I was kinda hoping I would get away with this problem.

    I have read there is an upgrade for the stater problem by installing a new and improved one, how much does that cost? I also hear that silicone helps, not sure about that idea. And I'm not sure how to fix the primary leak? I'm pretty sure it's the primary, because i dont see Shock Proof under there.
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    Welcome, take a look in the self help section 06 models had Stator issues
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    Jack do you ever sleep...seems I see you on here all the time, whenever I go to answer BAM you all ready did:)................keep it up (retirement must be rough)
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    :p Sleep is over rated Besides this job here pays better:p
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    He is retired now, he gets to take a nap when the Redhead isn't around.:D
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    singer68; I'd try swapping your primary cover gasket 1st - could be (1) dried or (2) original owner re-used during oil swap & damaged it. If that doesn't work - could be primary/motor gasket, but you can check this by cleaning w/degreaser & re-checking for oil weep after everything's fresh/cleaned off.
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
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    >small leak at the stater wires<
    Singer68, the small leak your seeing in the stator wires where it plugs into the engine casing. You will want to keep an eye on that if you dont get a clip thats made to hold that plug in place. ( they make a metal flange that mounts to the front engine mount and holds that rubber plug into it's socket) When that plugs gets loose. 1st sign is it leaking oil there. It's a very small amount but at the same time you may be starving your battery of a full charge after the current passes through your voltage regulator.

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    Check your primary cover bolts are tight. Even if one has come slightly loose it can create a leak.