Laid er down gently.

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 2010roadkingBlack, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Wow can't believe I laid her down gently. Did zero damage to the bike but did damage to myself my ego. Turning around in a tight parking lot slanted downhill, she just very gently laid down. Very, very embarrassing....:bigsmiley29:
  2. fisherman124

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    bin there done it u must have the bars on it , found out i could picup myRK by myself
  3. futurerider

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    Did very similar thing in the spring :small3d023:, ego's heal :s
  4. ctree

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    Did the same thing on Saturday. Bruised ego. Wife was on the ground laughing. Close call with a SUV. The driver of the SUV stopped to make sure we were OK.
  5. dbmg

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    Pulled into a Sheetz convenience store parked in spot. Wife got off. I deployed kickstand so I thought. The kickstand was not into the detent properly. Went to swing leg over seat and realized bike was falling. When I yell wife, she said what and she new the bike was falling. Of course she helped me picked it back up. After the bruised ego, the rest of the day was a great day of riding with her.:small3d023: :rofl
  6. sprinklerfitter669

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    Hasnt happened yet with any of my street bike..close calls though.
    I am glad to hear that there is such a thing as laying it down gently!
  7. Lancer

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    If it hasn't happened... It Will.... Now it's behind you!
  8. dbinbc

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    I've embarrassed myself several time that way. Very slow speed or already stopped, bike gets over too far and there is no way I can hold her up with wife on the back. The great thing with these bikes is that with the bars out front and the foot boards, they only go that far and just sit there waiting to be lifted back up, no damage at all. Don't know why Harley does not advertise this fact, Victory does, uses it in their advertising.
  9. jsvt184

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    Been there, done that. The new frames are a bit higher and wider. I've put a lower solo seat that helps a little but with the stock seat and a passenger coming to a stop can be a little hairy. Practice stopping with rear brake only and putting your left foot down first. Be careful not to put your foot down too soon or you'll catch the passenger footboard in the back of your calf.
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    Got back on the bike after recovering from a broken leg all last year, I knew something was missing, seemed to have lost my Motorcycling MOJO!

    I stumbled upon a link for RIDE LIKE A PRO Video and also found some quick movies from the series on YouTube. It was instantly obvious to me as soon as the Instructor said "look down, you go Down", I have during my recovery been looking at the floor directly in front of me for fear of tripping when learning to walk again.

    Problem was I carried this onto the Bike and forgot to look where I wanted to go!

    The Video reminded me of the simple rules when slow riding, so I spent a few hours in a local car park practising the exercises and have got my U Turns down to around 20ft on the SG.

    I would recommend taking a look at the You Tube clips, even just to remind yourself.

    LOOK DOWN, YOUR GOING DOWN. Oh and leave that front brake well alone!

    +1 to the Engine Bars as already mentioned.