Laconia Bound

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Canucklehead, May 6, 2012.

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    Heading to Laconia next month for bike week, gonna stay four days there then head on down to Chesapeake Bay area for a couple more days. Just wonderin if there was any bike events on the go or sights to look for on the way.
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    HD Don is right Americade is the week before Laconia. It is a completely different type of rally with mostly touring bikes, Goldwings and Beemers etc. It's fun though and a worthwhile stop, if you've never been. There are some good roads in the area and the ride from Lake George to Laconia is not bad either. Hotel prices are outrageous just like Laconia, but the accommodations in Lake George are not as nice as the Laconia area, no value there. Going early in the week is the best bet then leaving on Thursday as the Friday price jumps up. There are some nice B&Bs in Warrensburg and better hotels in Saratoga Springs. From Americade to Laconia Rt 100 in Vermont is a great place to explore as is the Mohawk Trail in western Mass. In fact there are few bad roads in Vermont or New Hampshire.

    I'll be at Americade Monday through Wednesday, then home to pick up the little woman (she can't stand Lake George) and back to Laconia with her Monday through Friday.
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    These two rallys are on my 'bucket list'