Lack of good sense?

Discussion in 'General OFF TOPIC' started by silentflyer, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. silentflyer

    silentflyer Active Member

    A guy a few houses down the street from me has a 07/08? Dyna which he leaves sitting outside with NO cover or anything. Rain/sun or whatever, there it sets.
    The guy has a garage/building at the rear of his house...really gets me how someone could treat a Hog like that...
    As many guys who would love to own a Harley and this guy doesn't seem to care enogh to take care of it....
    I wouldn't leave a rice burner out like that.
  2. softailhog

    softailhog Active Member

    I figured you ride so fast that no rain could ever actually hit the bike! Just a cloud of dust settles on it when you come to a stop!!:D
  3. HDDon

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    Some people have enough $$$ so that it does not matter what condition their equipment is in. They just go out and buy something new to replace it. Sorry to say this is not my case. This does not go for Hobbit, he may only clean it once in a while, but from what I've read his equipment is very well maintained. From a previous post he also rides them like he stole them.:newsmile030:
  4. Polarbear

    Polarbear Active Member

    He must be one of those people that have more money than sense!
  5. deucedog

    deucedog Active Member

    There's a guy 2 blocks from my house that leaves his bike sitting out IN FRONT of his house all the time. This puts it about 30 feet from a main street. He has a garage in back of house so I figure that it must be full of the rest of his junk.
    I've never seen him ride it, and no matter what time of day or night I ride by that bike is just sitting there. ???
  6. walleye

    walleye Junior Member Contributor

    So whats your opinion on people that pay 60K for vehicles and leave them outside in the rain? To some people a MC is transportation, thats it. Their ride, their decision. I can't stand dust on mine, but then I am a sicko.:s

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Actually like Walleye, I am a bit of a sicko...but I intend to "work harden my ride"...commute quite often on my Sporty, park under a shade tree at work most of the time. Don't bother with the small cover, but do have sheepwool gel cover to protect leather from direct sun...covers have faded a bit to navy blue...the new leather bags have leather treatment on them (mink oiled) throughly, but my ride is rough and ready...not a garage queen (except when in the comfort of my garage or storage shed.
  8. whatyardwork

    whatyardwork Banned

    Have a buddy with a mid 80's sportster.He's had it for all the 15 plus years Ive known him.Never once seen that bike inside.We live in New England so trust me when I say its seen some weather.

    In the winter you can drive by and see it...Like a christmas ornament atop the snowbank.Its impervious to theft as surely the hours of chipping away the ice cap required would bring daylight.

    Took him for a belt a few years back.The parts guy was quik to remind him "Those belts are good for 80k plus".Bike had 90+ on it at the time.A cable here,a spark plug there.He's kept it going all these years.

    Im just carefull not to let him go in front of me on charity runs.That thing will fog your glasses.
  9. gasbag

    gasbag Active Member

    I would call it pride in ownership. My bike is my escape from the daily grind. I keep it as clean and running as good as I can. Same thing with my truck. It isn't fancy but it is clean and well maintained. They last longer that way.:)
  10. walleye

    walleye Junior Member Contributor

    Well said.:D