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    On March 12, 2011, Kyle and Amanda Franklin were injured in a plane crash while performing in Brownsville, TX. Kyle suffered a few cuts to his face and burns to his right hand and has been released from the hospital. Amanda suffered multiple broken bones to her face, her neck and back but at this point she does not appear to have any paralysis, but she was burned over 70% of her body. She has lost most of her fingers and thumb off her right hand and her fingers on her left hand, but at his point she still has her thumb on her left hand. (In most, the last I heard was that she had lost each phalange about half way up, and Kyle got burned trying to get Amanda out).

    Kyle is credited for saving Amanda's life by keeping the plane level long enough for her to get back in from the top wing. He only had about 14 seconds from when he lost power to impact.

    Kyle's father was Jimmy Franklin who flew a jet powered Waco, and Amanda's father was Bobby Younkin who also was a great pilot. Both Jimmy & Bobby were killed while performing an act at a show in 2005. Kyle and Amanda were married 3 months later and have become one of the most entertaining acts on the air show circuit.

    As you can imagine, Kyle's heart is breaking watching his wife & best friend suffer. However, through all of this, Kyle has tried to keep his friends and fans updated through their Facebook page and through a link at . There have been a couple of funds set up in Kyle & Amanda's name for donations. There is also talk of several benefit shows for the couple, so if one happens to be in your area, please check it out. :s

    I will post some links to their pages, and ask that if you could donate, please do. Kyle and Amanda will have a long road to recovery. I have met Kyle a few times and saw both their fathers perform on several occasions, and Amanda's brother Matt, but I don't work the air shows like I used to and unfortunately, I never got to see Kyle & Amanda perform. (But with youtube I have been watching them for a few years, just haven't seen them perform live).

    Franklin's Flying Circus Airshow - Kyle Franklin - Amanda Younkin/Franklin - WingWalking - Comedy - Solos - Transfers

    CaringBridge / Thanks for visiting. You're almost to Amanda's website.

    The Caring Bridge site requires you to log in, but it is worth it. :s You can find them on Facebook under Franklinflyingcircus. The link I put in earlier didn't work. :s

    I know many of us enjoy air shows, and these guys have really been on my mind, so if I can get some prayers headed their way, they will need them. Though Kyle's injuries were not as serious as Amanda's, he will need to stay strong through all of this.

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    Joy, prayers go out for all involved for a speedy and full recovery. I saw this on TV when it happened and to hear they are still alive after the crash the way it happened is amazing.
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    Thanks Glider, if you ever got to see their dad's, you were entertained. The docs did credit Amanda's youth and strength for her survival.

    Sadly, as soon as I saw the clip on the news, I knew immediately who it was. :( But, I figured where better than to ask for prayers and support for these two than here. :s
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    Amazing story I saw a clip on the news Prayers sent
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    Here is the Today show clip.

    TODAY Video Player

    You can see in the video that they were coming out of a maneuver when the engine stalled. They were extreme in their acts, moves like that take all the momentum from the plane, and a plane with that heavy engine does not want to be low & slow with no power.
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    Tragic story, very sad to see. God speed their recovery.
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    So sorry to see this Joy. I wish the young couple all the best.
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    Prayers said. Hope they can pull through this.
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    Prayers for recovery, and the strength to deal with the road ahead.
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    Our Prayers and Healing thoughts... So Sorry...