Kuryakyn Scareb Air Cleaner

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Wrangler, May 17, 2010.

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    Seen a few folks running a similar set-up that I have with similar problems I was having so thought I would pass this on as a possible money saver and fix.

    Few weeks back I put Vance & Hines Shortshots Staggerred Black, Fuel Pak and the K&N Air Filter kit RK-3909 on my 2007 Street Bob wanting to keep the stock look. But with this setup I was experiencing some major back fire, drag and hesitation until the bike got warmed up. Usually within the first 30 minutes. Backfire never went away and was ridiculous. Sounded like a 50 cal. going off.:p

    Had a couple friends that suggested a Super Sucker or something similar to get more air. Cost for everything would have been between $250 to $300 to make this change and I would have wasted what I already invested.

    But I seen this Scareb cover by Kuryakyn with grilled openings. Basically shaped just like my stock cover. See the attached link.

    Kryakyn - Harley - Scarabâ„¢ Air Cleaner Covers

    Ebay had it for $64. So due to money being tight I gave it a shot. Man what a difference. Drag and hesitation are gone. Very low backfire only on decel in 4th.

    Just thought I would pass that on. Take it easy.....Laterz
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    good looking & economical and it works. way to go'''''''

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    Glad it worked out for you and looks trick as well...

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    Great to see an affordable option that looks good and works too.