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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ChopperDoc, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. ChopperDoc

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    I have a 2000 FLHTC and just installed the removeable Tour-Pak hardware on.
    My bike has the amplifier mounted under the Tour-Pak. The mounting plate in the docking kit has a cut-out but the amplifier would have to be relocated back about a quarter of an inch. Even with this change, there is no clearance to plug the amplifier into its harness.

    I did a little looking around at the last "Bike Nite" and couldn't find another dresser with an amp under the Tour-Pak and according to the Repair Manual, the only time the amplifier is used is with a side-car and it mounts in the dash of the side-car.

    The bike came with the King Tour-Pak and rear speaker pods on it. Other than upgrading the speakers and putting an amplified radio antenna in the front cowling, I haven't done anything else to the radio system.

    Do I even need the amp?

    It is no big deal to relocated it behind the docking plate, just wondering why I seem to be the only one that has the amp (other than those with aftermarket sound systems).
  2. TQuentin1

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    I have the '03 standard OEM sound system. No amp. But I did change out the tinny sounding OEM speakers for some Pioneer that I got at WalMart. They don't carry them anymore, but here's some:

    PIONEER TSG-1342R 2-Way 140 Watt 5 1/4-Inch Speaker

    I rarely have my volume up over half way, and it has always been great sound.

  3. Mavagrand

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    They have these speakers at the wal mart in town. However, the speakers on my 08 FLHTC are 2 ohm, I'm not comfortable installing 4 ohm in my fairing. What is your opinion?
  4. TQuentin1

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    Some people have a lot of worry about that. I never looked back. Have had the Pioneers on my bike for over 3 years.

  5. propflux01

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    Not sure if you need it or not, but Mine has that tour-pac mounted amp as well.
  6. 03classic

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    On my 03 classic I have an amp mounted under my tour pack.It is mounted so that theconnector comes out the right sde of the bike.It makes a big difference if you have sa CD player and sounds awesome.
  7. Hoople

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    You can almost always go UP without any hardware issues. Going down requires consideration.

    Example. Factory speaker is 2 ohms, can I go to 3 or 4? Yes.
    Factory speaker is 4 ohms can I go to 6? Yes
    Factory speaker is 2 ohms can I go to 8. I would not. No damage will happen but Large power loss occur.

    Factory speaker is 4 ohms, can I go to 2. I would not. At Hi volume, possible damage.
    Factory speaker is 8 ohms can I go to 4. I would not. Same reason
    Factory speaker is 8 can I go to 6. Probably if you have good air flow around the power amp.