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    How old were your kids when you took them out on state roads? Not necesarrily interstates, but 45 mph backroads...

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Commonwealth of Virginia has no law pertaining to minimum age. Leaving it up to the parents....imagine that.

    However, I try to be responsible. I'm thinking ten. My boy's almost seven and he has his own TTR 50 that he's been riding for over a year. So I feel like he has some understanding of the physics. I'd love to roll him into daycare on the bike. There's very little traffic, it's about three miles, and max speed would be about 45.

    Oh yeah, wife would kill me if I actually did it.
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    Here in the UK passengers feet must be securely on the foot pegs and that makes sense to me

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    We waited until my kids were 12...can't recall why (for the life of me), but it was probably my wife's doing...;)

    I'd say as long as they can flat-foot the pegs, hold on & possibly have backrest to support - you're good.
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    That is a decision you are going to have to make. Children vary in maturity and each one is different. Whatever your choice make sure IF they do ride they wear all the safety equipment. Ride safe.
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    I have had my kids on my bike since they were 4 just riding around the neighborhood sitting in front of me. My oldest is 7 and occasionally I will ride him around as he says on the big road sitting in back with goggles and his own dirt bike helmet . Both have been riding mini bikes for a year and I agree it definitely helps in them understanding consequences riding on Dad's bike and listening. My thoughts on a actual long ride would be when their feet touch rear floorboards. Someday when the Misses is not around take the boy to school on bike and it can be something just you and him know about.....::s
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    My sons 13 and he's been riding with me since 8, short 3, 5, 10 mile rides at least 3 times a week. We started with he had to put his arms around me to gradually allowing him to relax to where he can sit back in the seat. Last week after 5 years we graduated up to the interstate for about 15 miles. My suggestion is baby steps, around the block several times then a quick trip to the gas station or local store, and then longer 5-10 mile trips to school or church. Gives them the opportunity to get used to what it feels like taking curves which can be scary at first. And definitely start with arms around the waste, several times my boy would start to nod off, you can't see them but you can feel their hands slip and you know it's time to pull over and wake them up a little or call the wife to come get them. I love riding together with my son, it's a special time for us. One last thing, if your not used to riding with jacket, helmet, gloves and boots etc. get used to it set the example for them. I ride full gear all the time and so does my son without complaint because he sees me do it. Enjoy the time with them.
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    I started my son out last year at 8 years old. Like others said on short 20 minute trips for ice cream or to the store. He did fantastic. This year he has been on 3 all day outings with me. Two benefit rides and a trip justthe two of us. I have taken him on the freeway for many miles at this point and he loves it. And we both ride in safety jackets and full helmets etc......

    My 9 year old has more miles logged on the bike as a passengerthan my wife! :D
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    My dad had me riding on his bike at 5. I will have my granddaughter on my bike as soon as I can figure out how to secure the car seat to the bike.
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    I hope you're kidding here.:s
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    I saw a guy riding around the subdivision with an infant in one arm!