khrome werk handlebar install

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    well, got me a new handlebar from denis kirk part 300519. they are 2+2 narrow . I just finished the installation . they look good except I didn't expect them to be too high. in fact they are about 2.5/8 in higher than factory ultra classic . overall the install was easy , I was going to do internal switch wire but I decided not to do it at least of right now. all cable fit really good no splice or nothing . the clutch cable have to reroute it (pic).
    after talking to denis kirk service , their service was really good as I told to the lady I am going to send them back and we were talking and comparing the part 300518 wich is the one I was looking for , as they are 1 in shorter than 300519. the lady was helpful.
    anyway decided to let them on bike for now and try them , may need just to get used to them . here is pics for the campare between the factory and the khrome.
    cant ride right now still cold and rainy :(

    Here is a link for more pics. hope this help someone. thanks

    Khrome Werk Handlebar 300519 Slideshow by ennac1 | Photobucket

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    Looks good, well done.:s
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    If you are looking for more pull back and less rise try tilting them back a little and see if you like that.
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    I did pull it back more but It ll be too close to me when am setting...

    thanks , next will be working on cam255 , I hope I can do it right, still confused about how I can take off the push rode and put them back lol.