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Discussion in 'South East' started by 3TOAD, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Planning on going to Key West maybe April or May. I went there in a cage back in the late 70's when I was young (early 20's). My husband had family there and visited several times as a young boy. Just wanting to get suggestions on decent places to stay and good eating places. We do plan to do all the touristy stuff. Thanks y'all.
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    Several years ago, 2009 I think, my husband and I went back down for a visit. we stayed in a nice little place in Marathon, I believe it was called the Sea Dale Motel. Some of our favorites were the Keys Fisheries, on 35th or 36th St, Gulf Side in Marathon, (lunch for us always). A place called Boondocks for a nice casual place to unwind. Not sure exactly where they are anymore. Also, at the 22.5 MM, the Square Grouper for a nice dinner. He used to have a boat in the Marathon Harbor, (Before we were married). I don't have much more at this time. Good luck!
  3. Bahai Honda State park is a a must #1 beach several years in a row
    Marathon now has a new improved beach, there is a park on Islamarada , Founders park with a beach hard to see from the road if u go past the Publix u went to far
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    Any place on Duval Street is great to stay, you are right in the thick of it. Have a beer at the Hog's Breath because " Hog's Breath Is Better Than No Breath At All".