Key West Poker Run

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    Me and some of the guys are headed for Key West in September. Most of the girls are flying to Miami and we will picke them up there. I know my lady is out on the 3000 plus miles in a week....Anyone ever been to this event???
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    Did it once... Will never do it again.... Way too many bikes.... Way too many idiots on this ride.... Hotel prices are thru the roof, if you stay anywhere in the keys..... The traffic sux...

    It's not too bad if you are riding down, then leave. Hopefully you won't get stuck in traffic on the 7 mile bridge.... Let's hope there are no hurricanes or tropical storms during that time frame....

    And have fun going to the airport to pick someone up on a bike... Be sure to lock it down, or not leave it unattended... If you do, it may end up in a container headed to Central America before you can say "Oh S**T, someone stole my bike!"

    Be ready for people that run stop signs and red lights, don't speak english, could care less if they run you off the road, make it a point to drive aggressively, and would just rather run over a motorcylist then look at one.

    You'll love Miami.. It's just like a third world country... People standing at the corner selling bags of fruit. Most of the people that speak both Spanish and English refuse to speak anything but Spanish.

    You may want to get a couple of other opinions... I'm a little one sided when it comes to doing anything the Miami area.... I stopped going to the Keys because of the conditions in South Florida.
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