K&n filter problems - beware

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    Hi Guys

    Check this out..
    The begging of the season I changed my oil with royal purple and decided to try a K&N 171C instead of the Harley filter.

    1000 miles in (1 week ago)I noticed my oil light would stay on for about 7-10 seconds after initial start up, After stressing about the check valve in the camplate or a possible oil pump problem I noticed that after the initial start up the light would go off after 1 2 seconds after that. So I started thinking ..hmmm
    seems like the filter is draining down. So today i went to the Harley dealer and bought a new Harley filter and some royal purple at the local parts store,

    Low and behold the oil light now goes out in about a half of a second.
    Just letting you all know about this, anyone else have the same experience?

    Never again will i put any other oil filter in my scoot//