Just rolled over 25K on the 96" engine...

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mavagrand, Apr 25, 2011.

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    ....and am proud to report, not a single problem. Not with the engine, not with the tranny, not with the bike. This is the most mileage I've put on any bike without having some sort of problem. Other than a fuel filter housing recall back in '08, this bike has not seen any none mod related work. None. (with the exception of a Stage 1, she is stock).

    I post this because there were times over the last three years I had convinced myself she was "about to blow". Some of this is attributed to my initial ignorance about HDs and their air cooled engines, while even more of this attitude is the result of all the anti-HD hate out there, more about that later.

    As I read posts about the unfortunate few who experienced problems with their bikes I convinced myself my bike had the same symptoms. Engine running too hot, gonna melt; tranny too noisy, gonna implode; that new vibration in the floorboards..well thats the crank shaft run out running out; gonna destroy the tranny/oil pump (by the way that seemed to be a combination of a broken fairing bracket and a loose heat shield on the right side).

    As a former Marine and current LEO, I'm used to getting unsolicited and rude comments, most stem from petty jealousies and are ignored. (many times I've had to endure explanations from some guy as to why he didn't join the Corps or become a cop). I did not realize the large and vocal population of HD haters out there. When I bought my bike, they came out of the woodwork. "Spent twice the money for half the bike" seemed to be the common expression. I always thought this rude as I'm a ride what you want kinda guy. I have to admit over the past three years, I've let some of that talk get to me. I half expected my bike (which was/is expensive) to break down around 20k, even started looking for it. It was getting so bad, it began to affect my attitude toward the bike.

    This past weekend I had a "come to Jesus" meeting, just me and the bike. I began by reviewing my maintenance log. I soon realized it was just that..a maintenance log. There were no expenditures for any repairs..none. Now, I put hard miles on my bike, wife and I have taken two trips to Deals Gap, NC and one trip to Cape Hatteras, riding 70 -80 two up all the way from Central Florida in August. Never a hiccup, never a problem..rock solid. You can include numerous overnight and weekend trips here in Florida as well. 25k of fun filled, worry free miles.

    I then reviewed how I felt about my bike. I love it. I smile when I think about riding. More improtanly, my wife loves it too. She enjoys a weekend jaunt more than I.

    Thanks to this forum, I've learned how to maintain my scoot, so after this weekend, I've decided to ride and not worry about every little vibration or rattle that pops up.

    By the way, I was at a friends house yesterday who owns a 2004 Suzuki Intruder. 1500 I think. We were talking bikes and he seemed surprised that I had 25k on my bike (08 EGC) seemed to think Harley riders didn't ride that much. I told him there were guys on this forum with much more. His bike has 45k on it, by the way.

    Anyway, I say this to thank you guys for your patience and understanding. I suspect there were times ya'll rolled your eyes after reading one of my posts. So hats off to glider, hoople, jack Klarich, Boddie, and many others who have offered advice in the past. gotta get to work.
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    Good deal.....Had some of the same feeling at first too...but anymore...:D
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    Great post! I've got 20K on my '08 FLHX and I wish I had more but I'm thrilled with my bike's ride, performance, and reliability so far.
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    Refreshing post....thanks for sharing.

    Congrats on that 25k mark and many more "k's" to come :)
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    I think most of us get that feedback especially from metric guys. Its kind of funny, most of us have been metric owners. That never seems to dawn on those guys. Its always the same old thing, I can out run you and it cost less money. Well.... good for you. If I wanted to race, I would have bought a metric rocket bike. Not what I want to do. I had a guy who had a 2000cc metric cruiser tell me how he outran an older V-Rod. I told him he had almost twice the motor. He should have outran him or should take the thing back and get his money back.
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    I get some grief from metric riders also. Faster, cheaper or should I be PC and say less expensive, more dependable. But I remind them should I need parts they are still available albeit somewhat difficult to find, all the way back to 1903.

    The icing on the cake, so to speak, is when I remind them that they purchased a bike from the same people who brought us Pearl Harbor. :USA
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    Congratulations on gaining confidence that your bike will get you there despite what everyone around you tells you
    I have had the odd few comments when i go to the nearest bike shop however i just ignore them
    I have been told once or twice that a metric cruiser is reliable and has low maintenance however i haven't found anyone that has one that does not aspire to having a Harley

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    Jealousy is a terrible thing. I also wanted a Harley for the last 12 years but on the side of caution because of the negative comments I continued to ride my Kawasaki cruisers because they were not as refined as the other metrics. I put the negative comments aside and learned alot about Harley's and their dependability. Found out that the majority of problems with any year Harley was do to the person working on it and causing problem. So like you in 2008 I had a few extra greens laying around and took the plunge. I can tell you that the 3 years of ownership of my Electra Glide has been absolutely free of any trouble works like a Timex watch and is the best bike I have owned in 25 years.
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    Glad to hear that some body else rides as much as I. When I retired I bought my first Harley and told the wife, we just made the biggest mistake of our life or we are going to have a ball. After four GW which I put over 100k on each and a couple of cruiser type bikes. I thought we should try a Harley. Well today we have over 31K on our 2010 Ultra Classic (not to bad for an old phart) and we are having a ball. Not sorry at all. You only get one shot at life live it to the max and have a ball doing what you like.
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    Just like a lot of you, I too rode metric bikes for years (36) and did a lot of touring on 4 Goldwings. I never considered a Harley because of all the "horror" stories about how they'll always break down, unreliable, etc. etc. Then I bought my /09 Ultra and haven't looked back. Last summer I did a 4500 mile trip, two up, pulling a camper trailer and the only "problem" I encountered was replacing a badly cupped rear tire. The bike ran and performed perfectly and continues to do so. Unlike the metric bikes, 10 years from now, if I ever have to put my bike in the shop, I know parts will be available and the shop will still be willing work on my bike.