Just Noticed while lifting Bike.Need Advise

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ppofootball, Mar 30, 2010.

  1. ppofootball

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    I just noticed a small warp on the bottom right ( Brake side ) frame tube near the front of the bike. Should I be concerned. I inspected carefully and there were no cracks or paint peeling away. I went back to picks of the bike the day I bought it brand new and blew up pics and it was there when I purchased.
    Does Harley have an allowable tolerance for bends. the other side is perfectly strait and every bike at the show room was as well. Let me know what you think? frame.jpg
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    Can't really see much in that picture but maybe it's just me.

    You have a 2010 model still under warranty. Won't cost you a dime to take it in and see what the dealer says. I think most of us can guess what they will tell you.

    You may want to do some forum/internet searching before you go in. I recall some folks finding bad frame welds on some 2009 Touring bikes.
  3. hoggy25

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    I have a dent in the piece that goes accross the two frame pieces (in the back) and decided not to worry about it but in your case where the frame is bent as shown I'd certainly ask at the dealer or even go so far as to ask for a factory rep to look at it.
  4. rootin

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    I'm no expert, but looks as if bike may have dropped on corner or edge while loading or unloading...could be out of alignment now ,, possibly bent frame...
  5. Crocker

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    Please keep us informed on this , I would say this is not a good thing , I think you might end up with a new bike , a frame change would take a lot of time and labor cost by the dealer and Moco , I know this much when a motorcycle is involved in a crash a frame that is bent is most always considered total lost by Insurance companys, its cheeper to payout then to go for a frame change a friend of mine hit a deer last year on his 09 standard and there was not to much cosmetic damage but the frame had a slight bend and he ended up with a full payout soo he on a 2010 now.
  6. maine-e-axe

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    If the bikes in show room don't look like that I would want a new bike. There could be pressure on the engine/tranny cases and crack later if they just want to change the frame. JMO
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    Take it back to the dealer, and dont let them "blow you off" with "looks OK to me". If the other models like yours are straight, yours should be straight, and not bent. Be careful not to scuff the paint under the bend in any way, or they will try to say that you did it trying to lift the bike. Alignment and stress problems will begin, and the dealer will hold his hands up and say "YOU got a problem there":newsmile093::newsmile093::newsmile093:. As was said before, frame problems are big bucks!!
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    Problem is , its a brand new bike already with only 2800 miles and about 9k in additions, PM wheels, 18 rear on 200 and 21 front, thunder Header and pipe, Se race tuner with Se Air cleaner, Ness Extended Hard bags, hog tune speakers, amp and hog pod tweeter, 4 point docking station, custom hand painted ghost flames, Black out bolt covers through out, new grips, front end lowered, and Paul Yaffe Monkey bagger bars to arrive next week.And many more little items Im sure Im forgetting, like chrome fork lowers, Passenger footboards, Man Im in deep..

    Bike rides incredible and solid before and after wheel change. I can put cruise on 80 and take hand off and just ride. Not sure with the labor and everything involved is worth them giving me a new bike unless they would swap everything and eat additional labor. Im looking for them to maybe warranty the bike for as long as I own it. Sure, I will tell them I want a new one in hopes of striking a deal that if anything happens as long as I own the bike that may have to do with the frame I will be covered. What do you guys think?
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    Good thing that he got out unharmed!

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    I can clearly see the bow and if the dealer won't do anything i'm sure the factory will they don't want any law suits or bad publicity .