Just Curious...So-Fla and Central Fl. Riders!!!

Discussion in 'South East' started by BTrain, Nov 26, 2008.

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    So, How many central/south Florida Riders come through here!? Sew a Line and your bike and years ridin. I gotta 08 Night Train and been riding off and on for about 6 years, but finally got my own HD 2 months ago, and got about 1300 plus miles on it. I know not much but I'll ride damn near every day and lately down in the so-fla, there have been some down-rite Sweet! days to be on a bike. Bless this time of year...and All Riders who are able to take advantage of them...In fact even though it's dark, I think I'll take a night ride-cap now. :s
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  2. tlyoungb

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    Vero Beach Here.
  3. nester024

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    In Delray Beach here, 08 Road King Peace Officer, and yes, the weather has been fantastic... I'm a NYC transplant, and I'm not missing much...
  4. Lancer

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    Palm Bay, today was gorgeous. Had to make some excuse to go for a couple quick rides.
  5. cromwell

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    Indian Harbour Beach here. 09 Sportster 1200C, hopefully will be doing the toy run Sunday if I do not have to work.
  6. SledDog

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    Daytona Beach area... Come and spend your money.... Just do it quietly....
  7. H2oBear53

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    Cape Coral , Florida....... ( West Coast) here 883/1200 XL Standard. Confusious Say: Put foot down when handing toll booth operator money/ or you go boom. 5 years.
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    It's great to get reply's, wanted to say thanks, and hope we get much more. I look forward to reading ALL reply's on your bikes years and location. I hope one day I would be able to meet up at a Run or anywhere else for a beer or twwwwwoooooo :D I enjoy(edited) gearing up for an aimless ride just about any day of the year. So keep em coming!!!!! Thank You Much.
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    I live in Sarasota and LOVE it here. You can ride all year.... 'cept for LoveBug season. Then, it's a drag..... One hour Ride=3 hours detailing your bike to remove all the dead critters before they ruin your paint job! Been riding for .... a very long time...started at 14 with a Honda 50, then a Honda 305, 450, Yamaha 650, Honda 750, Yamaha 850 Special, Harley Shovel FXR, Evo FLHS, Evo FXR, and now the Electraglide. The Evo FXR was by far the most exciting, fun, and comfortable bike..I am ALWAYS looking for an excuse to ride, rather than a reason not to. When I lived up north, I rode all year, too. In the winter (yechhh!) I slipped into a one-piece ski suit, zippered it up, and off I went without a worry about the cold. Now all I need is a drawer full of t-shirts, jeans, and a pair of leather boots!
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    Orlando FL. 08 XL 1200c. 6500 miles since March. Last bike was in 1999 so had a little lapse.

    Ride with a great group of guys and also ride it to work some.

    We plan to make Keys trip one day this summer and also want to make N GA mountain trip this spring. One of the guys has access to large trailer and Diesel PU so we can haul a bunch of bikes and take all our stuff.

    Did Toy ride last sunday, one of the few times the wife rides with me.