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    After some time with my '07 Electra Glide I had decided that I really didn't like the batwing fairing and never really used the tour pak. Besides, I'd always liked the less cluttered look of the Road King. And then there was all the hype about the improvements made on the '09 bikes. You can see how my mind was building a justification here. I decided to go check out the new RK's.

    My first impression was good. They hadn't changed the look of the bike as part of the improvements. My second impression wasn't so great and could have been a deal-breaker. The front of the stock saddle was too wide and I was balancing on the balls of my feet to support the bike. Mind you, I'm not exactly a shorty. My inseam runs 34". I was told that a change of saddle could be arranged.

    My first ride revealed that the old "Harley sound" was there but there also seemed to be more gear noise than I was accustomed to. I've since been told that there is actually less motor noise and therefore the gears just SEEM louder. Hmmmm... Anyone got any thoughts on that one? Glider?

    Now comes the part that was really surprising. On the road the bike feels rock stable. That's no surprise, it's a Harley. At the same time, the handling was much more responsive than any Hog I've ever ridden. I could change lanes almost without thinking about it. Lay it into a sweeper and it just hangs there with that same rock solid feel until time to straighten up again. Don't get me wrong, you won't be out there running with the crotch rockets and beating them but for a touring bike this thing is impressive in it's handling. Slow cruising through parking lots is a breeze too. The folks at HD sure got something right!

    The only other thing I can think of to talk about at the moment is the brakes. The rear one seems to have less authority than the one on my old Glide. That's seems strange since the Glide is heavier. And no, the RK doesn't have Anti-Lock Brakes. The front brake works fine and the two in combo do a good job of hauling the speed down but that rear one seems a bit weak. Guess it's just something I'll have to get used to. And yeah, I'll have to get used to it. Two days after my initial visit to the dealership I rode a Road King home.

    I'd like to hear about anyone else's experiences with the '09 bikes. Any problems showing up that I should watch out for? I haven't done much stop and go yet. Does the system that shuts down the rear jug when the going is hot and slow really make a difference?

    Ride safe,
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    I agree with you on the 09 Models, I am Very Happy with mine, I have had No Problems in the 6 Months I have had it, My Bike is equipped with ABS Brakes, Security System and Cruise, I knew what I wanted on the Bike, as far as the Cylinder Cutout Feature I never experienced as far as I know, I try not to sit idle for long periods, the Weather is getting Hotter so I will have to see how she does, I agree that HD got it right with these Models, it is very hard to wipe the Smile from your Face! :D

    2009 Road Glide - Red Sunglo
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    Dont have a 09 road king but i would ask about the rear break as i have abs and mine clamps down i the rear like a bulldog
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    I would have to agree with the rear brake. My 09 Street Glide has ABS and the front brake seems to have 85% of the stopping power. Needless to say, I'll probably never have to replace the rear brake because I never use it.
    On a brighter note, I do love how this bike handles....fast, slow, in curves, it's all good. My only complaint would be with the shifter. Out the door was very stiff and shifting was loud and difficult. Switched to Spectro and she shifts like a dream...like the rest of the bike. Enjoy your new ride!
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    Congratulations.... if I were to buy a new bike it would be the RoadKing or Street Glide. I have had the opportunity to test drive both of these and the 09 chassis change has made a difference. Enjoy your new ride!!
  6. Stormrider51

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    I don't have any shifting problems. Yeah, it's loud and there's no doubt that you just shifted gears but it's smooth and positive. Hopefully it will stay that way.

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    You won't be disappointed. It's a great bike. Handlebars were too short for me and I finally replaced them with the police Heritage bars. Cheap, easy to install, and work great.

    As for the gear clunking, I switched to red line w/shockproof (the pink stuff). After the second tranny oil change the girl shifts so smooth and quiet sometimes I wonder if I'm in the next gear. It was recommended by a ret. LAPD motor who knows his stuff.

    Good luck and have fun. You are right, it goes through the twisties like a breeze.
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    i'm really jealous of you guys with the road kings, was in a big hurry and bought a night train 30 days ago and now a RK, the dealer wil only offer wholesale value for the brand new 30 day old NT,and that (EDITED). can't affford that big of a hit

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