Just a Fantastic Day

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    My factory warranty runs out on my Ultra this Sunday so ran out of time and had to make a decision. The two closest dealers to me, HD of Winnipeg and Lone Star HD are both just over an hour from me and both quoted me identical price of $1940 ($1715 + $225 late sign up) for an extra 5 yrs. I had pretty well decided begrudgingly to go to Lone Star and cough up the money.

    I'd resigned myself to go for a nice ride today to get'er done but a couple hours before I left figured I'd call the furthest dealer from me, Gaslight HD in Morden. Well the most angelic voice that ever answered a phone gave me a quote of $1435 for the extra 5 yrs. Just to be fair I emailed the saleman at Lone Star (I bought my Ultra from him) and gave him a chance to compete.

    Two hours later no answer from him so off to Morden (and he still hasn't answered). A really beautiful day for a 6 hour 300 mile round trip ride. Started off at a slightly cool 48 degF and by late afternoon had reached a more comfortable 62 degF. The bugs aren't out in full force yet making it even nicer. Didn't come across any inattentive drivers at anytime of the ride.

    When I got to Gaslight the beautiful young lady with the angelic voice was apologizing to me for miss-quoting the rate BUT the owner Rudy Ens was willing to honor the quote if I'd pay by cheque (they'd charge me an extra 2% if using a credit card). No big deal and a good thing I'd grabbed my cheque book on the way out the door.

    Left home at 11 this morning and arrived home by 6. Just in time for supper, change into my work clothes and get to work for the start of my 12 hr nights (ok that's not such a great part of the day)

    It was an easy decision to go for the longer ride to Morden over the shorter ride to Winnipeg: Deal with that bald headed little salesman (who never brought the warranty info to the World Of Wheels car show when he said he would and then never emailed me the info when he realized he'd forgot to bring it:no) or deal with the salesman at HD of Winnipeg with the oversized handlebar mustache:bigsmiley40: or deal with a beautiful and pleasant young lady at Gaslight and save $500. HD of Winnipeg and Lone Star never stood a chance.:newsmile100:

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    Nice to hear that Gaslight honored the misquote! Sometimes just going that little bit extra can gain a lifetime customer. Years back, my friend bought a used car with a very limited warranty. Shortly after the warranty expired, so did the engine! The owner of the dealership actually CALLED Charlie and asked for details. He apologized preofusely and offered Charlie a loaner car until a replacement car could be found - wherever! Long story short, the dealer brought the loaner out to their home and sat down for a coffee awaiting a ride back to his office. During the coffee break, he heard how happy Charlie and the little lady had been with the car and offered to 'make good'. The dealership replaced the expired engine with a brand new short block, while Charlie used the loaner. All for no charge! Guess where Charlie has been buying his new cars and trucks for the last 20 years!!!

    Good dealers are out there, nice to hear about them, huh?
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    Yes, they're out there. And it's great to actually meet and do business with them.

    Gaslight is a family business and it shows. Rudy personally greets his customers and is great for a chat.

    Unlike some pushy salesman I've dealt with at other dealers or even worse - the fake smilers that just annoy me with there "I'm here to help you, I'm on your side" until you say no then the sleazy snake side of them shows.
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    We used to have a dealership owner who said, " I'd rather sell 10 cars and make $50 each, than 1 car and make $500".
    ...and he sold ALOT of cars!!!
    Most cars that were sold new had a buyer for the trade-in right there on the spot.
    wilks3 :D
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    Glad to hear that you were able to save that money. Now you have some money to take the better have out for a treat.
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    Now that's a fantastic deal for you & glad you got to enjoy a great ride in the process. Definitely good to shop around - especially in today's economy.
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    Sounds like a great deal all around. Hope the nice little angel didn't get too much of a chewing out for the misquote. I'll bet she don't forget that one for awhile.

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    Just a Fantastic Day and a FUN READ from oldhippy....


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    Sounds like a great day to me nice ride on the bike save a bit of money and deal with a pleasant young lady what more could you ask for

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    Got a reply this morning from the salesman at Lonestar:

    "Hey Fred. Wow, not a bad offer..Just a sub-note..I never thought we are able to do deals on ESP?? We just use the rates by H-D Service and we only do deals on Warranties when Deeley tells us to. If you have a deal on this, I wonder how they can do this. Hmmm. If you can prove that you were quoted this amount before taxes..we’ll match for you Fred.

    Please reply and have a good one today Fred.

    Take care.

    Keni Harvey
    Lone Star Harley-Davidson"

    I'd responded to him that he was too late, I'd made the deal and did the ride already. Don't know how you can prove a quote given over the phone. Had to add the little dig of dealing with a beautiful young lady and a great ride- priceless.:newsmile100:

    Just can't believe that line of only doing what Deeley HD tells them.:lero
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