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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by jamientrish, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. jamientrish

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    What do you folks think about joining up with another biker on the highway? I always thought it was good for safety and such to get together, especially going through the middle of San Anotnio here, but I am finding that most of the folks around here seem to pull right away.

    Am I committing a riding ettiquette error by thinking this?
  2. sharpscuba

    sharpscuba Banned

    No I personally don't think so. I have many times hooked up with someone riding through Milwaukee. I give them all the required respect of the road but I have never had anyone make any attempt to discourage it. I personally have no problem with it as long as the person is providing a safe ride.
  3. Jonas

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    The issue I would have is;
    You have know idea of how a stranger rides. If you have plenty of distance and are just follow the person, that is probably okay.

    Great riding in your area. San Antonio is a mess, but the Hill Country is beautiful. I rented a bike out there a few years ago. Great riding
  4. murf

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    never tried it but wouldn't mind as long as the other rider feels the same. Good way to meet new riders/friends. I think, as you do, AMIENTRISH that it's easier to see 2 bikes rather than just one.
  5. Breeze3at

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    I don't often ride in large metro areas. I wouldn't appreciate someone I don't know latching on and shadowing me through town. I understand your point of two being more visible, but your motive might not be understood. Or welcomed.
  6. TQuentin1

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    One of those "it depends" type answers. If you come across a bunch riding in a group, see how they ride together. Are they riding in a disorganized bunch, or in a disciplined stagger? Are they following the rules of good group riding, or being a bunch of cowboys?

    I have joined up with other riders countless times, but always watch to see how they are doing and if they seem to have good group riding skills. If not, I put on my turn signal and bail out. Rather NOT let someone else mess up my ride or journey.

  7. 92FXRS

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    If you stopped at a convenience store & started talking to some other bikers there, and asked where they were headed & would they mind if you tagged along for a while, I see no problem. But me, being the cautious non-trusting kind, would assume something bad for someone to just start following me without asking
  8. SledDog

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    It depends what you mean by "join-up". If you are attempting to join a solo rider and are close to him/her (less than 2 seconds gap), I would say you are a little to close. And that maybe why you they are pulling away from you. You're just too close for comfort. I know if you did that to me, I would not want you that close.

    I usually will hang back 3 or 4 seconds behind some one I don't know. Sure, having 2 bikes together is safer, if they are in a normal riding stagger with a normal interval. If you are 5 or 6 seconds back, it buys you nothing.

    I look at a couple of thing when getting close to another rider. First, which side of the lane is the bike in (this depends on which lane they are in)? Left, center or middle? In the right hand lane, left side great. That means he/she is trying to protect their lane. Center, no way will I follow them. The center is when all the oils accumulate. Right side? I'm bailing out! The person has no clue on how to ride. Riding in the right side of the lane exposes the all of the lane to cars, trucks and whatever to pass or occupy the lane with you!

    I will usually follow 3 to 4 seconds back from another rider I don't know and use a stagger. It's safer for me. If you are 3 or 4 seconds, in a stagger, behind as a rider that joined up with me, I'll keep and eye on you. But for me, that's a good interval. Even look like you don't know how to ride, and I'm gone.
  9. Mattman4403

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    Got to go with the majority like this. I have gone cross country a few times. If I come up behind someone and catch up to them then I am traveling faster than they are so I wind up passing them. If I don't catch them, well, I don't waste too much time trying. I have talked to folks getting gas or a snack. Somethimes one guy, sometimes a group, if we are going the same way I will tag along for the group thing. If they don't know what they are doing, I am out of there.
  10. EnjoyingTheRyde

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    I have to agree with most here as far watching how the other rides. I don't ride with many other people, my wife and one other good friend so I'd be cautious.